New Book Summary By The Literate Cat

Cat-Tales book cover

Greetings, readers! It’s time for another book summary by the literate cat, Lucinda. This time I will discuss just one story in a book of cat tales. In fact, the book is called “Cat Tales, Classic Stories From Favorite Writers.” The book contains an introduction and ten stories by different writers. The one I shall … Read more

Witches And Halloween: It’s A Natural

Book cover: Room on the Broom

Greetings, readers!  Lucinda the literate cat here.  My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) informed me that we should have done this particular review last week, since it is a Halloween story, and today is October 31.  It’s about witches and Halloween, so it definitely fits the day. Well, as you two-leggeds say, “Better late than never.”  … Read more

Cat Survives A Robinson Crusoe Adventure

Tabby cat, white chest, walking in tall grass

Hello, readers, from Lucinda the literate cat. I just read a story I really liked. It was called, “How a Cat Played Robinson Crusoe,” by Charles G. D. Roberts. Fortunately, in this story, the cat survives a Robinson Crusoe adventure. I liked this story because it showed how a cat can survive a bad situation … Read more

Read About The Mythology Of Cats

black agitated cat silhouette

Welcome, two-legged readers. It’s Lucinda the literate cat, inviting you to my latest review. This time it is another chapter of the book, The Mythology of Cats. The chapter is titled The Caretaker Cat, and points out some excellent traits that can be found in your favorite feline. The book mentions that there are many … Read more

Read About The Dalai Lama’s Cat

Himalayan cat, sitting

Hello, all — it’s your CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) with a new review, but this one will be a bit different. I will narrate and Lucinda the literate cat will comment from time to time. Read on, and enjoy. I am reporting on a series of three books written by David Michie. They are called, … Read more

Plato, The Story Of A Cat

black cat with glasses reading book

Hello from Lucinda, your literate cat. This week I am reviewing a short story called Plato: The Story Of A Cat, by A.S. Downs. This story is so short that you need to read between the lines to get the full picture. Plato is the name of the handsome black cat who is the central … Read more