Use These 9 Steps To Train Your Cat To Fetch

Grey cat carrying toy

We know that dogs often love to play fetch, to the point of becoming obsessed with the idea. Perhaps you didn’t realize that you can also train your cat to fetch. It’s a fun game you can play together. In this post, you will learn a method you can use to teach your cat to … Read more

Have You Tried To Make Homemade Cat Food?

Table of fish; cat at corner of table

If you make homemade cat food for your furry friend, you know that your cat needs a “balanced diet.” This diet will contain all the necessary nutrients required to ensure health and activity. If you have not already done so, read the previous post on this website called “Do You Know The Nutritional Needs Of … Read more

Can TNR Feral Cat Programs Control The Cat Population?

Feral cat colony

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) represents a humane way to manage growing feral cat populations. When researching TNR, I discovered that many communities in the United States have posted articles about their TNR feral cat programs. I find this information most satisfying.  Feral cats typically live in a group called a colony. For a TNR program, they are … Read more

Cats vs. Dogs: Why Do Cats Smell Good?

Cartoon: Cat and dog in bathtub

If you have lived with both cats and dogs, you have undoubtedly noticed that the cat smells much better than the dog. In fact, the cat smells downright clean. For this reason, I’ve always loved burying my nose in my cat’s fur and smelling that clean scent. So, why do cats smell good? Grooming Takes … Read more