Do You Know How To Groom A Long-Haired Cat?

Grooming a cat

A well-groomed long-haired cat is gorgeous, with their luxurious coat. To keep that coat in great shape requires a commitment to regular grooming. Long-haired cats often have layers of topcoat and undercoat, and these need to be kept free of mats and tangles to keep that coat gorgeous. Practice Diligence In Your Grooming Commitment Not … Read more

The Cat And Human Connection: The Lion In Your Lap, from WSJ

Cat and human communicating

A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses two new books on the cat and human connection. These books delve into the enigmatic relationship between us and our furry feline friends. How and why did this connection evolve? How does science explain this phenomenon? Beginning in ancient times, this relationship became a naturally occurring process. It … Read more