Have You Ever Met The Hardy Siberian Forest Cats?

The Siberian Forest cats, their name now shortened to the Siberian cats, have been around for hundreds of years in Russia, and could receive validation as a Russian national treasure. This medium to large cat has an overall appearance of excellent physical condition along with strength and balance. Many of these cats live in rural … Read more

The Treatment For Upper Respiratory Infection In Felines

orange cat in blue face mask

Has your kitty ever had an upper respiratory infection? This illness, common in cats, though similar to a cold in humans, could well become much more serious. Causes stem from viruses or bacteria, targeting the upper airway: Nose, throat, and sinuses rather than lungs. You may find it important to know the treatment for upper … Read more

Do You Know What Human Foods Cats Can Eat?

Grey cat hears the word "snacks"

It’s good to make yourself aware of what human foods will not harm your cat, and which ones could poison your fur baby. So, do you know what human foods cats can eat? Also, what foods should your cat avoid? First of all, you must make sure your cat gets everything he needs for a … Read more

What Are The Meanings Of Cats’ Sleeping Positions?

Does your cat have a favorite sleeping position, or does he vary his way of sleeping often? Have you ever asked yourself, “What are the meanings of cats’ sleeping positions? Very often, a cat’s sleep behavior stems from social tendencies. Don’t buy into their aloof reputation too much, as they often have social connections and … Read more