Have You Ever Asked, What Does The Cat Symbolize?

Cat in magician's hat and robe over cauldron

A cat in your life can prove very symbolic. Yes, a cat definitely has special meanings, often based in superstition, but centered around some past event. In this post you may learn the answer to the question, “What does the cat symbolize?” Those characteristics of the animal that are most obvious to us usually determines … Read more

Are You Acquainted With The French Chartreux Cat Breed?

Head & shoulders: French chartreux cat

This French Chartreux cat has an interesting history. The Chartreux cat breed probably arrived in France from the Middle East, sometime in the 1500s. The cat, that beautiful blue-grey color similar to the Russian Blue, was actively bred by Carthusian monks near Paris. A Cat With A Religious Background Those in the know say that … Read more

Do You Know What You Can Learn From Cat DNA Tests?

Cat DNA testing

Cat DNA tests have become much more sophisticated in modern times. Recent techniques allow researchers to extract and analyze DNA from ancient remains of cats, adding insight into the domestication process. As previously suspected, cats probably first became domesticated in the Middle East…in fact, some say they domesticated themselves, as they found grain storage silos … Read more