Read About Some Cat Breeds For People With Allergies

Balinese cat sitting on blue blanket

Although there are no truly hypoallergenic cats, you can find some breeds that can cause fewer allergic symptoms. An allergy is caused when the immune system responds to otherwise harmless substances called allergens.  A person with a hypersensitive immune system can trigger an allergic reaction when that person encounters a cat. Though many think it’s … Read more

Can You Train A Cat? What Do You Think?

White cat "professor"

Can you train a cat? Many people will say, “Sure, you can train a dog, but a cat? They are too independent. You won’t be able to convince them to do as you wish.” Wrong. It’s an exercise in patience, but, yes, you can train a cat. He’s a very intelligent animal, and deserves to … Read more

Learn The Origins Of Sayings About Cats

drawing of lots of cat faces

In many ways, our language defines us. The words and idomatic expressions we use tell the world a great deal about us and our beliefs. Cats have had their place in our lives for many hundreds of years, and have done their bit to add to the richness of our speech. We talk about what … Read more