Learn About Lykoi Cats, The New Natural Feline Breed

Lykoi kitten

Have you heard of this new breed? The Lykoi, a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair, has the appearance of a werewolf; hence the “werewolf cat” nickname. If you, like me, did not know about Lykoi cats, read on to learn more. How This Breed Got Started This breed was developed in Vonora, Tennessee. The … Read more

The Literate Cat Brings You An Online Surprise

grey and white kitty wearing crown and red velvet robe

LUCINDA’S BOUTIQUE IS NOW OPEN! Your online surprise today allows you admission to Lucinda’s new endeavor. She has permitted me, her CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) to open an online shop to offer for sale many pieces of jewelry left in my stock. As I am retired from selling jewelry, this endeavor allows me to offer you … Read more

How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

Grey cat lying on bed; being petted

When you choose a new cat to add to your family, do you believe the newcomer has had a say in the choice? Very often, we see stories of cats who have chosen to move into a certain home. They have their reasons. Once settled in, how do cats choose their favorite person? They must … Read more

Lucinda Invites You To Read The Cats’ History

Picture of book, "A Cat's Tale"

Hello, 2-legged readers, from your official kitty book reviewer, Lucinda the literate cat. I’m here to write a review on a book about the cats’ history. My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) read this book and recommended I read it and give an opinion. The book title: “A Cat’s Tale, A Journey Through Feline History.” It … Read more

About Fran

photo of Fran

You know, I like that term, “crazy cat lady.”  It’s so cute, and so apt. We cat women — and men — tend to get a little carried away in matters concerning our favorite cats.  We can’t help it — we love them. However, at my mature age of 80, I believe I’ve earned the … Read more