Are You Acquainted With The French Chartreux Cat Breed?

Head & shoulders: French chartreux cat

This French Chartreux cat has an interesting history. The Chartreux cat breed probably arrived in France from the Middle East, sometime in the 1500s. The cat, that beautiful blue-grey color similar to the Russian Blue, was actively bred by Carthusian monks near Paris. A Cat With A Religious Background Those in the know say that … Read more

Are You Aware Of The Most Affectionate Cat Breeds?

Drawing: cat rubbing against leg

Cats have received a bad rap from folks who believe them to be aloof and uncaring. Not true. If you know cats, you are aware that they often behave with loving attention. Some breeds do show more affection than others. Are you familiar with the most affectionate cat breeds? Often the reason a cat appears … Read more

Read About Some Cat Breeds For People With Allergies

Balinese cat sitting on blue blanket

Although there are no truly hypoallergenic cats, you can find some breeds that can cause fewer allergic symptoms. An allergy is caused when the immune system responds to otherwise harmless substances called allergens.  A person with a hypersensitive immune system can trigger an allergic reaction when that person encounters a cat. Though many think it’s … Read more

Are You Familiar With The Chausie Cat Breed?

Chausie cat

The Chausie cat breed comes to us via ancient history. The name comes from “Felis chaus,” the Latin name meaning jungle/wild cat. It’s pronounced “chaw-see”. Very often the Chausie represents a mix between a wild cat and an Abyssinian. In ancient times, the cat originated in Egypt, many thousands of years ago. Though this feline … Read more