Geoffroy’s Cat: Wildcat From South America

The Geoffroy’s cat (Leopardus geoffroyi), about the same size as domestic cats, has the distinction of being the most widespread breed of wild cat found in South America. It is also among the earth’s smallest wildcats. The coat of this small feline ranges in color dependent on its location. In the northern part of their … Read more

Here Are Some Rare Domestic Cat Breeds

Orange and white cat, curled ears

Breeders seem to be on the lookout for the newest “different” cat — Will it be the next breed the cat organizations recognize? Sometimes breeds are so new they are not yet recognized, and some are just starting to get established. This post presents the first of a series about a few of the rare … Read more

Meet The Pampas: Wildcat From South America

Head of yellow-brown Pampas cat

The Pampas wildcat provides a bit of a taxonomic puzzle. This wildcat from South America has habitats in several countries, and its appearance varies depending on where it is found. The cat resembles more the European Wildcat, having a broad face and pointed ears. However, its coat often has a different appearance depending on what … Read more

Meet The Korat: Cat From Thailand

Korat cat sitting, looking up

A wonderful creature is the Korat: cat from Thailand. This cat comes with a long history, set down in legend. The cat is a natural breed; its coloration is a silver-blue. The Korat’s Thai name is Si-siwat. The cat appears with this name in “The Cat Book Poems,” a manuscript at least 300 years old, … Read more

The Turkish Van: A Unique Cat Breed

Turkish Van cat sitting on arm of sofa

Van is a large lake, 80 miles long by 40 miles wide. It is located in the mountains of Southeast Turkey, close to the Iranian border. It’s over 5,260 feet above sea level. In winter, it is the recipient of frequent icy storms. In 1955, visiting a village at the shore of the lake, an … Read more

Birman Cat Breed Information

Birman kitten, lying down

The Birman, which is known as the sacred cat of Burma, is a very handsome cat. It has the mask and coloring of a seal point Siamese, but with long fur and four white feet. Its fur is not as long as a Himalayan’s, but it is silky and more like that of the Angora. … Read more

Have You Heard Of The Cymric Cat Breed?

black and white tailless Cymric

The Cymric cat breed is a relative of the Manx. This cat is a long-haired, tailless cat. (Pronounce the name with both c’s hard.) The cat is fairly rare, and the breed is recognized only in North America. This small acceptance is narrowed even more, because in Canada, only the Canadian Cat Association accepts it, … Read more

Bobcats In The News

A bobcat lying down

Today, there are bobcats in the news. Read this post to learn some basic bobcat facts, as well as to learn about some newsworthy bobcats. They are quite common in many parts of the United States; sometimes their life journey overlaps with ours. Common Name: Bobcat Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrate) Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora … Read more