Read About Some Cat Breeds For People With Allergies

Balinese cat sitting on blue blanket

Although there are no truly hypoallergenic cats, you can find some breeds that can cause fewer allergic symptoms. An allergy is caused when the immune system responds to otherwise harmless substances called allergens.  A person with a hypersensitive immune system can trigger an allergic reaction when that person encounters a cat. Though many think it’s … Read more

Are You Familiar With The Chausie Cat Breed?

Chausie cat

The Chausie cat breed comes to us via ancient history. The name comes from “Felis chaus,” the Latin name meaning jungle/wild cat. It’s pronounced “chaw-see”. Very often the Chausie represents a mix between a wild cat and an Abyssinian. In ancient times, the cat originated in Egypt, many thousands of years ago. Though this feline … Read more

Pallas Cat Facts: Meet The World’s Original Grumpy Cat

Pallas cat looking through hole in fence

This fascinating little wildcat, which has been called one of the most expressive felines, has a full repertoire of quirky facial expressions. To enlighten you about this little creature, you are offered some Pallas cat facts about a cat that might deserve the title of the world’s most grumpy cat. He doesn’t belong to any … Read more

Oriental Shorthair Cats — Kitty Cousins To The Siamese

Oriental Shorthair kittens

Are you familiar with Oriental Shorthair cats? Because of their relationship to the Siamese, we could call them cousins. When the Siamese first emerged, they did not just include the cats with color points, but also many other colors, without the distinctive points. By chance and because of their distinctive appearance, the first of these … Read more