What Is CBD Oil For Cats?

Cat being offered CBD in dropper

What is CBD oil for cats? CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is one of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant. There are over 100 active compounds in cannabis, including THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the compound that gets smokers high. The CBD oil given to pets is a highly concentrated form of that compound, … Read more

What Does Your Cat’s Tail Say?

Two cats standing, tails forming heart

Though your cat can’t speak your language, he has many ways to communicate. He uses various parts of his body to send different messages. Learn to interpret these body movements and positions and you will be better able to communicate with your furry buddy. So, for starters, what does your cat’s tail say? It is … Read more

What Are Common Cat Health Issues?

cat lying next to jars of vet supplies

We want our fur babies to be happy and healthy, of course.  It’s not fun thinking that they could get sick.  It is helpful, therefore, to know  what are common cat health issues.  If we know the signs, we are better prepared to help kitty return to health.  Let’s take a look at some common … Read more

What Is The Best Cat Water Fountain?

Cat drinking from Catit Flower Fountain

Recently I’ve had several questions from folks who wanted to know what water fountain they should buy for their cat. “What is the best cat water fountain?” they ask. I vote for the Catit Flower Water Fountain. From my research, I’m convinced that this product could be responsible for many happy cats. It appears to … Read more

What Is The Cat Saying?

cat sitting: Do they make a Rosetta Stone that allows me to understand what the hell you are actually trying to say

From time to time, friends give me books about cats. They must think I like the critters, or something. Today I will review one of those books, to help you answer the question, “What is the cat saying?” The book I’m reviewing is called Cat Talk, by Carole C. Wilbourn, cat therapist. In it, she … Read more