Do You Know How To Treat Cat Dandruff?

Ad: Cat Dandruff - Know the signs & Symptoms

If your cat has dandruff, you may be wondering: How do you treat cat dandruff? Have you noticed white flakes on your cat’s fur? Chances are, it’s dandruff. Actually, this condition consists of skin cells sloughed off from your cat’s body. Before you try any kind of treatment, you’d need to contact your vet and … Read more

Now You Can Calm Cats Naturally Using Clipnosis

Cat sprawled in total relaxation

Have you heard of the “clipnosis” technique? Using this method, you can calm cats naturally. Save your cat some trauma at the vet’s or even during such times as nail-clipping at home. This technique uses clips to gently squeeze the skin at the back of the cat’s neck. Researchers have named the process “clipnosis” because … Read more

Lucinda And CCL Discuss: How Do Cats Think?

facetious map of cats brain

Let’s face it — for all the centuries that cats have been domesticated, they still remain enigmas. We find ourselves still puzzled by the question, “how do cats think?” This post will offer some suggestions and ask some questions, as Lucinda the literate cat and her CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) give their views on the … Read more