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cat with glasses reading bookHello, two-leggeds. It’s Lucinda here, with the latest website news for The Literate Cat. It’s been a busy month in Gustavus, Alaska, and so much is happening that I wanted to issue you a special report to fill you in.

First, I’d like to thank my CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady), as she has given me a new, exalted role on this website. I am your new assistant editor! My CCL is so busy she has asked me to take over a few extra managerial duties, as she is finding it very hard to keep up with everything at the moment.

There is a good reason for her busy schedule. She is a member of Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing company. Members call it Wealthy Affiliate University, because the in-depth training is quite remarkable, according to my CCL. She started with a blank page, and from Wealthy Affiliate University learned how to build this website.

The learning doesn’t stop. CCL is now building a second website, designed especially to promote Wealthy Affiliate. The owners of the organization, which now includes approximately 1.5 million members, have sponsored a year-long endeavor called the Super Affiliate Challenge. A very, very small portion of this group of people (she estimates less than 100 people) has been selected to participate and, you guessed it, CCL is one of them.

Therefore, she is writing for two websites and participating in task-filled training designed to boost her to the top-level of expertise in affiliate marketing by the time her training is finished.

She is issuing you a special invitation to look at her new website, read some of the information on there, and then let her know, either on the new site or on this one, what you think of her new creation. The web address is

There is other news on the home front. We have a new cat resident in our house! He is actually family — he is my old cousin, Pogo. He is an elderly gentleman cat of 14 years.

My CCL knew him in his younger days, and when she found he was in a shelter, she decided he needed to end

Bombay, seated (black Burmese)
This Bombay looks like Pogo

his days in a nice home. So she brought him home to live with us.

He is a black cat, like me, only bigger, with just a few white hairs on his chest. He has golden eyes. His very soft coat has a brownish sheen to it — CCL calls him “The Bombay Kid” because she says he looks just like the picture in her cat ID book of the black Burmese cat, who is called the Bombay.

He has fit into our routine easily. He is a quiet, gentle cat, who mostly sleeps or follows the CCL around and purrs. I am happy he is so mellow. If she had brought home a young kitten, I might have had to beat it up daily to

keep it in line and to teach it that this is MY house.

No problem with my cousin. He just keeps to himself but laps up attention when he can. It’s really good he is family. It makes it much easier for me to share the premises with another cat.

One other new feature to this site that CCL asked me to point out is the new category at the top navigation bar (CCL taught me that name) called “CWA.” The letters stand for Cat Writer’s Association. Enjoy this new special feature, which will have new posts added at intervals, as the questionnaires are returned from members.

The first post is up. It covers seven of the members of the organization. You will be introduced to each person and will see a listing of their writing. Then there will be stories about their cat experience, a short synopsis of their badge for CWAwriting, and pictures. If you want to purchase a book from an author, notify us in the comment section.

We will be happy to forward your name and contact information to the author, so that you two can communicate directly. So, enjoy reading about these talented people who all write about a subject near and dear to me — cats.

This concludes the first issue of our special newsletter. As more special stories come along, I will write another column for The Literate Cat.


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