We Are Moving Forward

black cat with glasses reading bookHello, it’s Lucinda the literate cat with some big news. We make a move forward  with this website by changing its name.  From now on both the domain name and the website name will be “The Literate Cat.”  My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) has changed the domain name in my honor!  Now everything is named after me.

This represents a strong decision, as it will clear up confusion among readers.  Though everything has been posted to the domain name, Celebrating Cats, Google keeps listing posts as being from The Literate Cat.

That comes from the website name.  Now, with the change, there will no longer be any confusion.  It should be helpful.

As you may have noticed, CCL also changed the theme of the website.  I like the new one– it seems cleaner and brighter.  The added white space helps the look, I think.

More changes will come your way. If you journey to the website and see a notice that we are closed for renovation, don’t be surprised.  CCL will redo the menu to make it a bit more understandable.  She will put all my posts in one category, “the literate cat.” Of course, you’ll still have my book reviews and my “Letters to Lucinda” column.

That way, if you are looking for something I wrote,  you will find it somewhere in those sections.

Stay tuned and watch for the changes.  Who knows what the CCL may try next?  She keeps surprising me.

Are you surprised too?  We hope you enjoy the changes.



Cat reclining on books

Now, your CCL has some words to add:

In a sense, this website contains an element of a “cat lovers science fiction” site.  After all, Lucinda is not your normal cat.

Some of you will remember Lucinda’s first book reviews.  At that time, she told us how she learned to read English.  My last cat, Carlos, taught her about my Memory Library.

She learned that, when I go to sleep at night, she can enter my memory library and learn all the vocabulary words she wants from those stored there.

She learned that, if she passed her paws over words in a book, she could “read” the book. However, she does not actually read the words.  She sees stories as images in her head.

In fact, at times these images are so vivid that they frighten her, and then she has to remember that they are not reality.

Then, after watching these images, she wrote her reviews.  She learned from her vocabulary studies Cat thinking; writingwhat words she needed, and she carefully typed them on the computer.

It is fortunate she has me here, because I can proof her writing and make any necessary changes.

Of course, we will continue to include posts about other cat topics in the other CATegories of this site:  Kitty Health, Cat College, and Cat Tales. Also, if you want to find a cat-themed gift, check what is available in the gift category.

You can read the “About Me” page or you can enjoy the short biographical sketches about some of our talented Cat Writer’s Association members.

All these changes are designed to move this website forward, improving its function and look, as well as the visitor’s experience.  The future of “The Literate Cat” looks bright, and Lucinda and I are happy with these changes.  We hope you are, too.

                                                                                                 The cantankerous cat lady

4 thoughts on “We Are Moving Forward”

  1. Dear Cantankerous Cat Lady,
    I hope you and Lucinda are doing well. She seems very excited about the name change. I hope to read more from the two of you very soon. Keep up the good work!

    • Oh, yes, we are doing well, and are happy with the changes. I really want to get the menu redone, but am doing so many things at once that I haven’t had time yet. Do come back and read more of Lucinda’s posts. She does lots of book reviews, a column called “Letters to Lucinda: Cat Behavior Solutions,” and some miscellaneous posts. When I get the menu redone, they will be all together. Thanks for the comment.


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