Lucinda Interviews Star Of Black Cat Detective Episodes

Elaine Faber and her cat, Boots

Hello, two-legged readers.  It is my pleasure to bring you an unusual interview today. Please welcome Thumper/Black Cat, a remarkable character whose feline exploits are reported by Elaine Faber in four Black Cat Mysteries. (1)Black Cat’s Legacy, (2)Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, (3)Black Cat and the Accidental Angel and (4)Black Cat and the Secret … Read more

Are You a Fan of Cool Cat Photography?

black cat, blue background

If you visit the Cycladic Islands of Greece, you will find several lovely, whitewashed villages. The warm climate there allows islanders to spend a great deal of their life outdoors. IT’S A CAT’S LIFE IN THESE GREEK VILLAGES In these villages live many cats. Though these cats are forbidden to cross the threshold of the … Read more