Lucinda And CCL Discuss: How Do Cats Think?

facetious map of cats brain

Let’s face it — for all the centuries that cats have been domesticated, they still remain enigmas. We find ourselves still puzzled by the question, “how do cats think?” This post will offer some suggestions and ask some questions, as Lucinda the literate cat and her CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) give their views on the … Read more

Thinking About The Thinking Cat

head & shoulders, grey & white cat, paw under chin

What defines the thinking cat? What do they think about? How do they interact with their humans? Though dogs have long had the reputation of being more loyal and loving, research now shows that cats can get just as bonded to humans as dogs do. The majority of cats see their humans as a resource … Read more

What Does Your Cat’s Tail Say?

Two cats standing, tails forming heart

Though your cat can’t speak your language, he has many ways to communicate. He uses various parts of his body to send different messages. Learn to interpret these body movements and positions and you will be better able to communicate with your furry buddy. So, for starters, what does your cat’s tail say? It is … Read more

What Is The Cat Saying?

cat sitting: Do they make a Rosetta Stone that allows me to understand what the hell you are actually trying to say

From time to time, friends give me books about cats. They must think I like the critters, or something. Today I will review one of those books, to help you answer the question, “What is the cat saying?” The book I’m reviewing is called Cat Talk, by Carole C. Wilbourn, cat therapist. In it, she … Read more

How Do Cats Communicate?

chart of cat body language

Have you ever wondered, without speech, how do cats communicate? Though they don’t talk, they do seem to be able to make their wishes known to others of their kind. After Lucinda’s column on cat philosophy a few days ago, I started thinking about the ways cats get their ideas across. What I realized was … Read more