Lucinda Discusses Cats And Personality

Cat snoozing

Greetings to you two-legged website visitors. Your literate cat, Lucinda, is here to review a story for you. It’s from the book, “The Personality of the Cat,” edited by Brandt Aymar. It’s a story written by Murray Robinson called “Danger – Crazy Cats.” Mr. Robinson tells of several of his adventures with cats who have … Read more

Do Cats Have Memories?

Cat researching in book

Do cats have memories? How much does your cat remember, and for how long? Research shows that cats have a pretty good memory, so let’s take a look at what investigators have discovered. In that small kitty brain, is there any room to store memories? Well, apparently there is. Though your cat’s brain is smaller, … Read more

Unique Cats Break World Records

cat researching in book

Yes, there are some unique cats in the world, and some of them break world records. This post and the included videos will give you a close-up view of a couple of these astounding creatures. There are all kinds of cat record-holders. For example the Guinness Book of World Records tells us that the longest … Read more

Genes, Heredity, And Cat Genotypes

Calico cat with half-black face; one side black

Physical characteristics of any cat are determined by its genetic makeup. Biologists might talk about cat genotypes. These include such things as body shape, length and curliness of the coat, the color of the coat, whether male or female, etc. The Make-up Of The Gene Pool When an egg is fertilized by a sperm during … Read more

Why Does My Cat Knead Me?

cat kneading in basket

Have you been the recipient of paw pummeling from your cat from time to time? Have you ever asked, “Why does my cat knead me?” Blame It On Instinct It all starts as an instinctual behavior. Kittens knead while nursing from their mother. This kneading helps stimulate their mother’s milk production, so she can feed … Read more

Why Does My Cat Purr?

Cat nestled in a blanket bed

People ask, “Why does my cat purr?” Cats purr when they are content, but there are other reasons as well. Yes, cats purr when they are happy or content, as many of us realize. Just stroke your kitty’s soft fur and get that kitty engine started. Purring is such a sweet sound! Purring Begins During … Read more

Do Cats Like Music?

upper part of cat dressed in shirt; keyboard

We humans love our music. Our brains send all kinds of acoustic signals received from music that trigger emotions within our heads. Music is a positive force for us, but is it the same for cats? Do cats like music? It turns out that they do like music, but their taste is a bit different … Read more

Human Foods Poisonous To Cats

graph: When I offer my cat people food

Hello, two-legged readers! Lucinda the literate cat here, ready to bring you more valuable cat information. This time we will tell you about human foods poisonous to cats. This post will be a little different, as my CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) is going to collaborate (that’s a new word CCL just taught me.) Anyway, I … Read more

What Colors Can Cats See?

black cat at night; eyes glowing

Have you observed your cat’s reactions to his day and asked yourself, “What colors can cats see? To find the answer to this question, one must first understand the anatomy of the feline eye. How Is An Image Formed? A visual image is formed when light rays enter the transparent cornea located at the front … Read more