What Does The Cat Symbolize In Art And Literature?

Cat pictured on book cover seated in a Roman arch

Cats, our enigmatic furry friends, have had a place throughout history in art and literature. In these realms, what does the cat symbolize? Is there a constant theme, or does the cat’s place change through time? Many of us have been fascinated by these mysterious creatures, for a number of reasons. Their independence embodies a … Read more

Learn About Cat Legends From Ancient History

Early statue of a cat

It might surprise you to learn that cats lived among the ancient people of Mesopotamia for at least 100,000 years. It is known that all cats originated in Asia. The Felidae family descended from the African wildcat. Since ancient times, cat legends have preserved these early beginnings. The African Wildcat has a prehistory that indicates … Read more

Learn About The Cats In The Trenches During WW1

cat in military garb

Yes, it’s true. Just as able young men are drafted to serve in the military during wartime, many cats also served. It became a common sight to find cats in the trenches and aboard ships during World War 1, where they performed a very necessary service, hunting mice and rats as a valued part of … Read more