Do You Believe In The Healing Energy Of Cats?

Tortoiseshell cat, lying down asleep

What do you know about the healing energy of cats? This post furnishes you with a review of a chapter in a book called, “The Mythology of Cats,” by Gerald and Loretta Hausman. Each chapter of the book is about a different breed of cat, and what special power they contribute to humans. The chapter … Read more

Lucinda Interviews Star Of Black Cat Detective Episodes

Elaine Faber and her cat, Boots

Hello, two-legged readers.  It is my pleasure to bring you an unusual interview today. Please welcome Thumper/Black Cat, a remarkable character whose feline exploits are reported by Elaine Faber in four Black Cat Mysteries. (1)Black Cat’s Legacy, (2)Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, (3)Black Cat and the Accidental Angel and (4)Black Cat and the Secret … Read more

Enjoy These Famous Cat Quotes

Drawing of long-haired cat head

From “The Cat Notebook II” come these famous cat quotes which are sure to strike a chord if you are a cat person. This collection of cat quotes is contained in a volume which gives space for you to mount your favorite cat pictures, to fit with a quote on each page. From Running Press, … Read more

More Famous Quotes About Cats

Black & white cat head in midst of flowers

Many well-known people have had their opinions about cats, and their quotes have been saved and passed on.  Here is a new selection for you to enjoy. They come from a great little book with spaces for pictures.  Mine is filled with cat cards that I’ve received.  The book is called The Cat Notebook, from … Read more

Have You Ever Seen These Famous Quotes About Cats?

two tiger striped cats lying down

Many well-known people have said things about cats that have been circulated through literary circles, or written down in books and preserved for others to enjoy. It is my intent to share some of these sayings with you. Many years ago, I was given a book called “The Cat Notebook.” The book was copyrighted in … Read more

Are You a Fan of Cool Cat Photography?

black cat, blue background

If you visit the Cycladic Islands of Greece, you will find several lovely, whitewashed villages. The warm climate there allows islanders to spend a great deal of their life outdoors. IT’S A CAT’S LIFE IN THESE GREEK VILLAGES In these villages live many cats. Though these cats are forbidden to cross the threshold of the … Read more