A Discussion Of Cat Mythology And Folklore

Cat in blue and yellow light

Felines, being such individuals, have accumulated a great deal of cat mythology and folklore from various parts of the world. These beliefs show a great deal of variety, which is not surprising, as cats have such distinct personalities and characteristics. You have probably heard the myth that it is not wise to let a cat … Read more

Stories About Super Hero Cats

2 white cats & 2 orange cats, watching mouse movie

Sometimes our four-legged friends give service beyond what we expected. We are wise to love our cats well, as they may provide a heroic service at some time. Here are some examples of these super hero cats that you may enjoy, as I certainly did. Our first story is about a little Italian cat named … Read more

Cats And Independence: Happy July 4th

cat dressed for July 4, carrying flag

Happy Independence Day, everyone! If you have a cat, you can invite him to join in the celebration. After all, cats and independence go together quite well. Terry Pratchett, author, is quoted as saying: “In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” Of course, cats remember their glorious past. They … Read more

Cats In The Movies

Felix the Cat

What is your favorite movie that stars a cat? These days, it is not unusual to see cats in the movies. Sometimes they are the star of the show. So, how did they get their start? Actually, the very first cat star was featured in an animated movie. Remember Felix the cat? First conceived by … Read more

Celebrating A Year With The Cat

I love my cat

On April 15, 2020, my shelter cat, Pogo, and I celebrated our first anniversary of home-sharing. It’s been a rewarding year for both of us. I don’t know Pogo’s exact age, but he is close to his 16th birthday. I’ve known him for several years. I often spent some nights at his former home, and … Read more

I’ve Had A Life Filled With Cats

black cat on bed

  TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO TEXT If you’d like to read along while you watch this little video, feel free to do so. That way you won’t miss a single word.  Hi, there!  It’s your cantankerous cat lady, Fran.  For my other website, https://build2winaffiliates.com, I am learning to make screencast videos.  I decided to practice by … Read more

I Love Cats — Can You Tell?

black cat with yellow eyes

Since I love cats, I answer a lot of questions for Quora about our feline friends. Recently, I answered a query from a woman who could not understand why her daughter was still grieving over a cat who died recently. “After all, it’s just a cat,” she concluded. Her attitude continues to bother me, because … Read more

Cat Christmas Wishes

black cat in Christmas tree

Oh, boy, it’s almost here!  Even we cats love Christmas.  Greetings to all of you from Lucinda the literate cat, Pogo, and the CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady).  It is our hope that your Christmas holiday this year will be magical, mystical, and merry.  Enjoy!

To Learn Persistence, Copy The Cat

Black cat holding man's shoe

Are you owned by a cat? If so, perhaps you already realize that if you need to learn persistence, you will be successful if you copy the cat. Your remarkable cat understands the importance of persistence, and will use the technique often to his great advantage. For example, how does your cat wake you up … Read more