Do You Know How To Save A Cat At A Football Game?

Head and shoulders, tuxedo cat

On Saturday, September 11, 2021, in Miami, the scene of the University of Miami Hurricanes and the Appalachian State Mountaineers football game, a remarkable incident occurred. Just minutes into the second quarter, fans saw a cat dangling and clinging by its front claws to the upper deck of the stadium. Quick thinking on the part … Read more

Soon, A New First Cat In The White House

For almost 12 years, we’ve seen no First Cat in the White House. Now, the Bidens will answer that lack, bringing in a First Cat to act as rodent control and to add the essence of cat personality to the White House atmosphere. Several former presidents have introduced a cat to the White House staff. … Read more

Snow And Cats — Do They Mix?

striped cat looking out of snow cate

If you live in a climate that includes a snow season, could you please answer for us the question in the title: Snow and cats — do they mix? I came across a story yesterday about a cat in Switzerland who wandered away from its owners and ended up following hikers to a 10,000 foot … Read more

Homer The Cat Creates His Own Odyssey

child + sign about lost pet

Having lived in Kodiak or nearby Spruce Island for 30+ of my years, I enjoyed a cat story centered in Kodiak. My friend, Georgia, from Ouzinkie on Spruce Island, sent me an email relating the story of Homer the cat. Homer lived in Kodiak with the Vorholt family. They adopted him when their daughter, Emma, … Read more