Lucinda and CCL Write A Eulogy For A Cat

Black cat on sunny bed

Hello, dear readers — Lucinda the literate cat here, with sad news. My sweet cousin, Pogo, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Therefore, CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) and I have written this eulogy for Pogo. He has joined all the other cats who have been part of CCL’s family over the years. He has instructions to … Read more

Lucinda Gives Her Views About Cats And Creation

Cat sitting on closed toilet seat. "Nobody goes until litter box is clean."

Hello, wonderful two-legged readers, from Lucinda the literate cat. I’ve come today to talk a bit more about the differences between you two-leggeds and us cats. For starters, let’s go ‘way back and talk about cats and creation. Comparing Cat Brain To Human Brain When the Great Sculptor of Life first began to create all … Read more

Cat Behavior Explained From A Feline Perspective

Tiger cat with head on table, looking hungry

Greetings, two-leggeds, from Lucinda the literate cat. I’m doing something special today. You will have cat behavior explained from the feline perspective. A couple of days ago, I heard my CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) laughing at something, so I went to see what was so funny. She printed off this article from a site called … Read more