Our Lucinda Believes That Cats Domesticated Themselves

Grey and black sriped cat

Hello, two-legged readers, from Lucinda the literate cat. I want to discuss with you the subject of cat domestication. I’ve reviewed the evidence and truly believe that cats domesticated themselves. In this post, I will offer background information and my reasons for this belief. Yes, we cats who live in your homes have our own … Read more

Researchers Uncover New Information About Cat Evolution

Scientists keep uncovering data which reveals new secrets, this time about cat evolution. Dr. William Murphy heads up a team of researchers at Texas A&M University who have discovered new explanations about how cats have evolved into different species. Their study includes well-known species such as lions, tigers, and also domestic cats. These discoveries reveal … Read more

Let Me Tell You Why You Should Have A Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Portrait

You might consider this week’s post a bit unusual. Well, it is certainly different. Life has gotten in the way of my usual article about cats, as I am immersed in an editing/proofreading chore for my plant book, Plant Lore of an Alaskan Island. With the help of a knowledgeable friend, I am working hard … Read more

Discover The Importance Of Cat Cognition

Cat finding center of an object

What is the importance of cat cognition? A cat’s senses become essential to survival from very early in their lives. Cats detect stimuli through sight, hearing, scent, and smell, and by the presence of an array of whiskers. These stimuli prove essential for a young kitten and continue to provide vital information that allows the … Read more

Learn About Cat Legends From Ancient History

Early statue of a cat

It might surprise you to learn that cats lived among the ancient people of Mesopotamia for at least 100,000 years. It is known that all cats originated in Asia. The Felidae family descended from the African wildcat. Since ancient times, cat legends have preserved these early beginnings. The African Wildcat has a prehistory that indicates … Read more