Cat Language: What Is The Meaning Of Cat Sounds?

orange kitten has all the answers

Even though your cat can’t speak your language, she does her best to try to communicate with you. In this post, you will receive a possible translation of a few of your cat’s sounds. Perhaps this information will help you reach a greater understanding of your cat. So, what is the meaning of cat sounds? … Read more

Are You Familiar With The Chausie Cat Breed?

Chausie cat

The Chausie cat breed comes to us via ancient history. The name comes from “Felis chaus,” the Latin name meaning jungle/wild cat. It’s pronounced “chaw-see”. Very often the Chausie represents a mix between a wild cat and an Abyssinian. In ancient times, the cat originated in Egypt, many thousands of years ago. Though this feline … Read more

Kitty Vision: How Do Cats See The World?

Two yellow eyes glowing in dark

Have you ever wondered what your cat sees when he looks at things through those beautiful cat eyes? How do cats see the world? Let’s learn about their vision. Vision Development Based On Instinctual Needs Think first about your cat’s vision as developed to accommodate his instincts. A cat is crepuscular, which means that kitty … Read more