Geoffroy’s Cat: Wildcat From South America

The Geoffroy’s cat (Leopardus geoffroyi), about the same size as domestic cats, has the distinction of being the most widespread breed of wild cat found in South America. It is also among the earth’s smallest wildcats. The coat of this small feline ranges in color dependent on its location. In the northern part of their … Read more

Soon, A New First Cat In The White House

For almost 12 years, we’ve seen no First Cat in the White House. Now, the Bidens will answer that lack, bringing in a First Cat to act as rodent control and to add the essence of cat personality to the White House atmosphere. Several former presidents have introduced a cat to the White House staff. … Read more

Here Are Some Rare Domestic Cat Breeds

Orange and white cat, curled ears

Breeders seem to be on the lookout for the newest “different” cat — Will it be the next breed the cat organizations recognize? Sometimes breeds are so new they are not yet recognized, and some are just starting to get established. This post presents the first of a series about a few of the rare … Read more

Snow And Cats — Do They Mix?

striped cat looking out of snow cate

If you live in a climate that includes a snow season, could you please answer for us the question in the title: Snow and cats — do they mix? I came across a story yesterday about a cat in Switzerland who wandered away from its owners and ended up following hikers to a 10,000 foot … Read more

Meet The Pampas: Wildcat From South America

Head of yellow-brown Pampas cat

The Pampas wildcat provides a bit of a taxonomic puzzle. This wildcat from South America has habitats in several countries, and its appearance varies depending on where it is found. The cat resembles more the European Wildcat, having a broad face and pointed ears. However, its coat often has a different appearance depending on what … Read more

Lucinda Writes About How A Cat Saved The Day

grey cat wearing marine's hat

Hello, my two-legged reader-friends. Lucinda the literate cat here. My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) has asked that I write the next post. I have selected a story from a book I’ve reported from before, called “The Personality Of The Cat,” edited by Brandt Aymar. If you haven’t done so, you might enjoy reading one of … Read more

Why Does My Cat Like To Sit On Me?

Old-fashioned post card: two little girls, sitting, one with cat on lap

Do you have a lap cat? Have you ever asked, “Why does my cat like to sit on me? If you read my last post, you know that when a cat likes to sit on you, it shows that he has bonded with you and loves you. That’s a really nice thing to know, but … Read more