Does Your Kitty Need Cat Play Toys?

small cat on back legs reaching for ball

Do you know why play is important to your cat?  How is your supply of cat play toys?  Cats love to be mentally and physically stimulated.  With the right toy, they will play happily by themselves, but they also love to play with their owners. Playing teaches kittens many important survival skills.  They learn the … Read more

Would You Enjoy Jigsaw Puzzles About Cats?

cat reading book

  Have you ever wondered who thought of the idea of jigsaw puzzles? Actually, these were first created from paintings. A picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood was cut into small pieces using a jigsaw. Thus the jigsaw puzzle got its name. The first commercial jigsaw was made around 1760 by John Spilsbury, … Read more

Is Your Cat Having Fun?

Orange cat and Siamese cat, playing

Is your cat having fun? This question could be an important one. A playful cat is a healthy cat, so if his antics are causing you a bit of laughter, be assured that he is feeling well. Your cantankerous cat lady found an interesting article about cats and the importance of play. It was written by … Read more