Do Cats Like Music?

upper part of cat dressed in shirt; keyboard

We humans love our music. Our brains send all kinds of acoustic signals received from music that trigger emotions within our heads. Music is a positive force for us, but is it the same for cats? Do cats like music? It turns out that they do like music, but their taste is a bit different … Read more

What Is The Symbolism Of A Black Cat?

fuzzy black cat face

Black cats are a tradition in my family. Though I have shared my household with a variety of cats of different colors, most often I’ve had a black cat.  I became curious — What is the symbolism of a black cat? Black cats are not a specific breed.  Rather, they have genetically produced black fur … Read more

Cats And Yoga: The Latest Fitness Trend

poster of cats in many yoga poses

If you have been visiting my website regularly, you will know that Lucinda and I just finished a review of The Dalai Lama’s Cat, a three-book series about HHC, His Holiness’s Cat. When surfing the web to find a new subject for a post, I came across some articles about cats and yoga: the latest … Read more

The Benefits Of Journaling For Stress Management

drawing of blank book, flowers

Journaling involves the practice of keeping a journal or diary in which to explore the thoughts and feelings associated with the events of your life. You can use several methods. Journaling for stress management or self-exploration works best when you do it consistently. However, even occasional journaling can give stress relief when you focus on … Read more

Who Is Grumpy Cat?

close-up of grumpy cat's face

On May 14, 2019, Grumpy Cat died at home due to complications from a UTI. She was seven years old. Tabatha Bundeson, owner, together with family members Bryan and Crystal, say they are unimaginably heart-broken that their kitty has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So, who is Grumpy Cat? Her real name is Tardar Sauce. She … Read more

Need Cat-themed Gifts? Try These.

Red gift box; cat inside

There are many occasions when we need a gift. If you are looking specifically for cat-themed gifts, look no further. I’m adding a new feature to this website. At regular intervals — probably once a month — I will post a small collection of new gift items featuring cats for you to peruse. I’ll search … Read more