Some Suggested Ways To Entertain Your Indoor Cat

It has come to my attention that I have been lax in supplying you valuable information to help you figure out how to entertain your indoor cat. Therefore, in this post, I’ll see if I can rectify that situation. Below are some of my favorite toys for my cat. Perhaps some of these will help.

These all come from Amazon. With some of these items, you will find more than one choice, with little variations among them. You are not obliged to buy the specific item I show; if you see one you like better, go with it.

As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As long as you come in through my site, you can have your choice of which item to take. Here is your first choice:
Rainbow Cat Charmer
by Cat Dancer
Lasocuhoo cat toys
Kitten, cat ball toys
From Lasocuhoo
Ismarten Cat Spring Toy
60 pack
JMMTAAG Cat Toy 3-Pack
Cat chasing interactive toy
Red, green purple lights
Tempcore cat tunnel
3-way collapsible
GoCat Da Bird rod pole teaser
On 36-inch rod
Migipaws Cat Toys Automatic Moving Ball
Smart electric teaser, USB rechargable
PetSafe Slimcat Feeder Ball
Fill with food for interative game

Amazon has an amazing selection of cat toys. Choose one of these links and spend some time browsing, as you may find other toys that you really like. I am so happy to make these suggestions. These have been favorites with my cats.

The rainbow wand my son gave me one Mother’s Day. It is permanently marked with many chew-marks from Carlos — he liked to chew on the plastic attachment where ribbon attaches to wand. You never know what they will choose to favor next.

Mocha still loves his springs, though he is not quite as obsessed as he was at first. He still manages to lodge them in all the difficult places to reach in the house.

Perhaps you have an experience with a certain toy that your cat really enjoys. If so, please tell us in the comments below so we can try the toy for ourselves if we wish.

Keeping a cat entertained is a challenge that will end up bringing you lots of healing laughter.

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