Wild Cats vs. Domestic Cats: Are They Related?

Pics of 7 large wild cats

All cats, from wild and savage hunters to the sweet pet curled up by your fire are related. No matter the size or markings, the rounded head and agile, light-footed body immediately mark the animal as a cat. Somewhere in the animal’s distant past, all cats evolved from a common prehistoric ancestor. Wild cats vs. … Read more

Learn All About Maine Coon Cats

Grey long-haired Maine Coon Cat

This post furnishes information that is all about Maine Coon cats. One of the oldest natural North American breeds, the Maine Coon, or Maine Cat, is believed to be a native of Maine. This beautiful cat is most likely the closest breed to the Norwegian Forest Cat. What Were the Origins of Maine Coon Cats? … Read more

Would You Like To Learn About Javanese Cats?

Javanese cat sitting

Javanese cats, like their Balinese relatives, are playful, devoted, and very talkative. They will let you know their cat thoughts on life, love, and their dinner bowl. All these breeds that are Siamese relatives seem to have that quality — they tell you whatever is on their cat mind, and expect you to understand. Though … Read more

Read Here For Burmese Cat Information

Grey cat, black cat seated together

In this post you will read some basic bits of Burmese cat information.  Burmese cats can be distinctive and appealing in appearance.  The cat has an alert, wide-eyed look and a sleek coat done in rich color. Are These Cats Popular? Though not a common breed, it is one that is sought after.  This cat … Read more

Learn About Abyssinian and Somali Cats

Two small Abyssinian cats

To learn more about Abyssinian and Somali cats, read this post. Abyssinians are one of the oldest breed of cats. These striking and athletic cats are different from any other short-haired cat. Today it is one of the most popular breeds, especially in North America. Both the Abyssinian and the Somali are unique because they … Read more

Read Interesting Manx Cat Facts

tailless manx cat with dark stripes

Are you acquainted with the tailless Manx cat? Here are some Manx cat facts you might find interesting. The Manx cat got its name because many of the early ones were to be found on the Isle of Man. The breed is an ancient one, descendants of the African wild cat (F. silvestris lybica). Even … Read more

Presenting the Lovely Balinese Cat Breed

Balinese cat standing

The lovely Balinese cat breed is beautiful to look at and is much like the Siamese in temperament. In fact, they are related. The Balinese cat is quite exotic in appearance, but does not come from Bali. Instead, this type of cat was developed by breeders in the United States. The Name Came from the … Read more

Is the Egyptian Mau the Best Cat for You?

grey spotted cat

Would this striking cat be the best cat for you? After reading about the animal, I’ve decided I’d love to have one. However, on my budget I can’t afford it. One price I found set the range from $600.00 to $1,000.00. I can understand why, as these are beautiful animals. Their ancestry is also pretty … Read more

Have You Seen the Exotic Bengal Cats?

cat, yellowish with black stripes

If you are not familiar with these exotic Bengal cats, you are in for a treat.  They are beautiful animals.  The cat is part of a domestic breed developed to look like a miniature version of a wild cat.  Bengal cats were developed by selective breeding, crossing hybrids of the Asian leopard cat with domestic … Read more