Lucinda Reports For The Literate Cat

cat wearing glasses, reading book

Hello, two-leggeds. It’s Lucinda here, with the latest website news for The Literate Cat. It’s been a busy month in Gustavus, Alaska, and so much is happening that I wanted to issue you a special report to fill you in. First, I’d like to thank my CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady), as she has given me … Read more

Tell Us Your Cat Cafe Experience

cup of coffee; cat on floor

There are no cat cafes in Alaska that I know of, so I have not had a cat cafe experience to talk about. If you have visited one of these establishments, please leave some comments at the end of this article. I really want to read about some first-hand visits, so I’ll have a better … Read more

Meet Some Cat Writer’s Association Members

badge for CWA

To my delight, I was recently accepted as a Cat Writer’s Association member.  CWA is an international organization of 150+ members who write about cats. The group’s members fit many categories, such as writers, editors, bloggers, journalists, photographers, vets, consultants, cat rescuers and filmmakers. The writing from this diverse and creative group covers a wide … Read more

What Is The Cost Of Having A Cat?

black & white cat lying on money

Have you looked into the cost of having a cat? If you want to be a responsible cat owner, you must realize that there are expenses involved. If you would have trouble meeting these obligations, it might be better if you did not get a cat. On a tight budget you may need to be … Read more

Here Are Some Good Reasons To Get A Cat

Person, cat sniffing noses

Of course, I’m a bit prejudiced, because I do love cats very much. I don’t need good reasons — I just need to keep a cat nearby. While looking for post ideas, I found a post on that listed ten good reasons for owning a cat. In case any of you need persuaded, read … Read more

What About Adopting A Cat?

Cat standing on application form

Are you feeling the need for some four-legged companionship in your home? Do you think you are ready for a new pet? What about adopting a cat? That’s what I just did. My sweet Carlos has been gone for a year and a half, and I decided I was ready for a new one. About … Read more

Read Here For Burmese Cat Information

Grey cat, black cat seated together

In this post you will read some basic bits of Burmese cat information.  Burmese cats can be distinctive and appealing in appearance.  The cat has an alert, wide-eyed look and a sleek coat done in rich color. Are These Cats Popular? Though not a common breed, it is one that is sought after.  This cat … Read more

Old Yeller Book Summary, by Lucinda

Picture of dog on Old Yeller book cover

Welcome, two-legged readers! It’s Lucinda the literate cat with my newest post. In this issue, I present a summary of the book, Old Yeller. My attitude about dogs is a bit colored by my experience with them, but I try to review dog stories with an open mind. After all, I have cat friends who … Read more

Learn About These Cat Eye Conditions

Vet holding grey cat

A healthy cat’s eyes should be bright and clear. But what if they are not? What if they are cloudy or have a discharge? Is your cat constantly rubbing his eyes? There are a number of cat eye conditions that can lead to devastating consequences, including surgery or blindness. Learn the symptoms of these conditions … Read more