Rascal Cat Vanishes Without a Trace

One black cat, two shadows

  To my dismay, I just found a story that was supposed to go in my book about my cat, Carlos. For some reason, it got overlooked. There’s an upside to this anecdote, however. Now you, my website readers, can be the first to read it. Here it is: Cat? What Cat? Cats have a … Read more

Are You a Fan of Cool Cat Photography?

black cat, blue background

If you visit the Cycladic Islands of Greece, you will find several lovely, whitewashed villages. The warm climate there allows islanders to spend a great deal of their life outdoors. IT’S A CAT’S LIFE IN THESE GREEK VILLAGES In these villages live many cats. Though these cats are forbidden to cross the threshold of the … Read more

Are You Monitoring Your Kitten’s Development Stages?

Kitten seated in pink and white basket

Your cantankerous cat lady received a comment from a reader today. He read one of my posts and mentioned that kittens were his favorites. I got to thinking about kittens and decided a post about your kitten’s development stages might be just the thing. After consulting the Google oracle, I gleaned the information to present … Read more

Friends Are Family You Choose Yourself

black cat sitting on standing dead limb

When I lived on my homesite claim on Spruce Island, often my only companions were my animals, three cats and a dog. They were not just pets; they were my friends. I sincerely believe that friends are family you choose yourself, and if some of my friends had four feet, what difference did it make? … Read more

Do You Find Truth In These Common Cat Myths?

Calico cat, bathing

Cats are surrounded by myth and superstition, probably more so than any other animal.  They have been revered, considered bad luck or good luck, feared, and loved. Always a source of mystery, cats have intrigued us and caused us to invent a multitude of stories about them.  Cat beliefs originated from a combination of ancient … Read more

Is Your Cat Having Fun?

Orange cat and Siamese cat, playing

Is your cat having fun? This question could be an important one. A playful cat  denotes a healthy cat, so if his antics cause you a bit of laughter, be assured that he feels well. Your cantankerous cat lady found an interesting article about cats and the importance of play, written by Pam Johnson-Bennett for … Read more