Why Does My Cat Like To Sit On Me?

Do you have a lap cat? Have you ever asked, “Why does my cat like to sit on me? If you read my last post, you know that when a cat likes to sit on you, it shows that he has bonded with you and loves you.

That’s a really nice thing to know, but what other reasons does a cat have to choose your lap as his current sleeping spot?

A Warm Body — What A Great Place To Nap

Well, of course one reason is that you are warm. A cat loves his warmth. As his body temperature ranges between 100 to 102 degrees, he has a higher basal temperature than humans. Therefore, kitty seeks warm places where their body doesn’t have to work so hard to keep them warm.

Have you ever lived on a farm? One of my references points out that outdoor cats will sleep on a cow if one lives on the farm. Cows become a good warming source for cats in the winter, as at that time they put out a lot of heat.

However, if your cat lives inside where he can’t find a cow, your lap makes a goodman reclining in chair with two cats on his lap substitute.

I’m sure you’ve noticed your cat lying in the one sunny spot in the house on some days. Also, he might camp in front of the heater. My cat, Pogo, loves to sit there when the heater is going full blast.

Security And Love Important To Cats As Well As People

Of course, cats need to feel secure and loved, just as we do. If they sleep on your lap or under the covers next to you, they feel secure. It’s instinctual for them to want to sleep where they need have no concern about predators. 

Trusting you, you become their safe place, which indicates their knowledge that you won’t hurt them and you will chase away any predators. Fortunately, we have very few of these in our homes, and especially in our bedroom.

Pet Me! Pet Me! Show Me Your Love

Sometimes the cat sitting on your lap gives you a sign that he has a desire for attention. Many cats love to be petted because it reminds them of the time when their mothers groomed them.

So, give them some petting, making sure to hit all of kitty’s favorite spots, including scratching under the chin or on those fuzzy cheeks. When Pogo sits next to me at the computer, he will often reach a paw up to my arm.

This action signals his wish to have his soft cheeks scratched. I always give him a kiss on the top of his head, too. I’m not sure if he understands the kiss, but he never objects.

Cats Show You Trust When They Sit On You

Your cat wouldn’t visit your lap if he didn’t trust you Of course, you must let the cat decide if he wants to leave again. If you try to force him to sit on you, you could damage that trust quite quickly.

You have to earn a cat’s trust. To do so, you must leave the cat the freedom of choice.

Your Clothes Can Attract Your Cat

Chances are, if you wore a plastic raincoat, the cat would not find your lap a good place to sleep. Cats like soft clothing, such as fleece, or the thick fabric of a warm bathrobe.

Perhaps the warmth of such clothing is reminiscent to them of warm fur. The cat might have an idea that you choose to wear something that you both enjoy. Thus, your choice of wardrobe can be alluring to your cat.

Of course, your clothes will smell like you, and smell can influence the cat a great deal. He can identify your smell as being another indication that you are his true love.

Your Cat Seeks Connection With You

The cat can’t talk to you, which I find very unfortunate. I’m sure they could tell you many interesting things.

Since they can’t talk our language, they try to communicate with their own array of sounds. They use body language as well to try to let you know what they want.

Being close to you, on your lap or perhaps on your bed, close to you, is a way they make a connection. If you live with an affectionate cat, you know how sweet it can be when the cat curls up on your lap and goes to sleep.

I know cat people, and at times I’m one of them, who won’t move if the cat sleeps on the lap. We really don’t want to disturb his peaceful nap, and don’t we love that he chooses us to be his temporary resting place. 

I love that kitty trusts me enough to go to sleep on my lap. He allows himself to be vulnerable because he knows that no harm will come to him from me.

Health Benefits Received From A Lap Cat

Consider this: it’s a joy to have the special bonding that happens when your cat loves and trusts you enough to sleep on you. Did you know it also offers you health benefits? It can help lower your blood pressure, just by allowing yourself to become a temporary cat bed. 

After all, how can you look at that small, sleeping animal and not start to relax yourself? Be sure to enjoy and appreciate such bonding times, as it bodes good for both you and your cat.

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4 thoughts on “Why Does My Cat Like To Sit On Me?”

  1. Nice article, Fran. I thought my cats were the only ones with that hypnotic powers to put you to sleep when they come for a lap nap. That’s one of my favorite times of the day when Miss Kitty comes and snuggles up.

    You’re right about choosing not to move so you won’t disturb the snoozing little lump. Makes for a good excuse to take a nap along with ’em.

  2. I love your comment about the house having no cows… LOL!!! Truffie lays on my legs (lap) while we watch TV in bed every morning, while drinking coffee. At night, she lays on my husband’s legs. So we get plenty of ‘lap time’ in this house.

    • Lap time is good. Pogo loves to sleep next to me, but he doesn’t do well with my lap. I had someone who stayed here for a couple of weeks while I traveled, and he liked her lap…it was bigger. Mine is not big enough…lol…He always stays very close to me, though.


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