Do Cats Protect Their Owners?

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I’ve seen several Quora questions lately on this topic: Do cats protect their owners? This subject provided interesting research, and as it turns out, there are many stories of the cat doing just that. Cats are territorial, and do not like any uninvited intruders. Their territory includes not just the property, but the house and … Read more

Why Do People Love Cats?

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I answer a lot of questions on Quora. One I’ve seen lately is “Why do people love cats?” Instead of answering on Quora, I have written this post, which will tell you why I love cats. Well, first of all, they are cute and attractive animals. Their pointy ears and floating tail; their soft fur … Read more

Can Cats Be Trained Like Dogs?

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There is an ongoing debate in the pet owners’ world over who is smarter, dogs or cats? Which one would you vote for? Before you decide, watch the video embedded in this post. Then answer this question: Can cats be trained like dogs? I would guess that dogs are much easier to train than cats … Read more

Does Your Cat Have A Unique Cat Habit?

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Have you observed that cats, like people, each have their own individual personalities? They are all a little bit different, just like us. Each one seems to have some cat habit that is special to them. It is fun to notice the little quirks of behavior each one has that are theirs alone. Please, good … Read more

Your CCL Shares Memories Of Cats

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Hello, all — it’s your CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) here. I am giving Lucinda the literate cat a break for today, and will do my best to take her place. Today I am sharing memories of cats who have owned me in past years. When I first heard of blogging, my understanding was that you … Read more

Can You Tell Us Why Cats Are So Weird?

Cat upside down in bathroom sink

Can you tell us why cats are so weird? Cats can be rather strange creatures at times, and there is no logical explanation for some of the things they do. There are many stories about such quirky traits. Here are a few that I found online. These were from a story in The Guardian. Josh … Read more

You Might Not Know These 12 Domestic Cat Facts

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Cats are so amazing, and if you are like me, you keep learning new and fascinating facts about them. Here are 12 domestic cat facts that might be new to you. First, did you know that many Egyptians worshiped the goddess Bast, who had a woman’s body and a cat’s head. Cats were revered in … Read more

Here Are More Super Cat Tales

cat looking through hole in old building

Cats are often aware of that which is beyond our comprehension. Their instincts, their sense of smell, and how they attune to the natural world cause them to do some extraordinary deeds. Enjoy these two super cat tales and marvel at their antics and their understanding of the unseen. Duchess Read first about Duchess, the … Read more

10 More Strange Facts About Cats

white cat lying down;amazing cat facts

Here is another collection of strange facts about cats for you to enjoy. What interesting little creatures! It is my belief that there is a lot more to a cat than meets the eye. They are definitely unique. This collection is part of a larger one called 101 Interesting Cat Facts, written by Karin Lehnardt. … Read more

Here Are Some Good Reasons To Get A Cat

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Of course, I’m a bit prejudiced, because I do love cats very much. I don’t need good reasons — I just need to keep a cat nearby. While looking for post ideas, I found a post on that listed ten good reasons for owning a cat. In case any of you need persuaded, read … Read more