Let Me Tell You Why You Should Have A Cat

You might consider this week’s post a bit unusual. Well, it is certainly different. Life has gotten in the way of my usual article about cats, as I am immersed in an editing/proofreading chore for my plant book, Plant Lore of an Alaskan Island.

With the help of a knowledgeable friend, I am working hard to prepare a third edition of the book, hoping to have it printed before the end of the year. Therefore, I have not had time for research and writing, and have resorted to a shortened method.

Read on to discover a short poem that I wrote quickly and that required minimal time. I do hope you enjoy it!


If you have a cat, you'll never lonely be,
     He'll grace your home
     And warm your heart
And keep you company.

If you have a cat, she can become a friend,
     Just learn her ways,
     And love returned
Rewards you in the end.

If you have a cat, his antics are such fun,
     He loves to play
     At many games
You'll laugh at every one.

If you have a cat, respect her different ways
     And care for her
Her purr will be your praise

If you have a cat, and treat him as you should,
     You'll bless your life
     And his as well
With much that you'll find good!

If you have a cat...

4 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You Why You Should Have A Cat”

  1. (Here’s one I wrote ever so long ago!!

    The Cat’s Side of IT Elaine Pinkston (Faber) 1960
    The alley cat lives a lonely life,
    mad at his friends, and mad at his wife
    When you’re mad at the guys and mad at the gals
    Who’s a cat got, with whom to be pals?
    The lonely vigil of a backyard post,
    unto the night, playing the host
    A bottle, a brick, soon lay at your feet,
    But who’s a cat go? Again I repeat
    When ya’ sleep all day and you roam all night
    your nerves can soon be in a terrible plight
    But’ya’ gotta’ have friends, be it only the moon
    So ya’ open your mouth and you let fly a tune.
    O, then the things you can hear folks say
    that are sleeping away the best part of the day
    You’d think they’d be happy to hear my song,
    After all, what does a human do all day long?
    But gamble and smoke, and loaf in the park
    and ruin the day with some foolish lark
    They waste the day, and then cuss in the night
    When I try to inform them of MY pitiful plight.
    So what’ a cat do when he hasn’t a friend
    And he hasn’t a wife on whom to depend
    You’d think they’d be helpful, but instead they just gripe
    When I cry out my vengeance on the fence post at night.


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