Consider These Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Cat

Have you ever stopped and thought of all the ways your cat blesses your home and life? Read on to remind yourself of some of them.

You’ll have a companion. If you live alone, a cat can provide very good company. Kitty will remind you that you share your home with another living creature. You can rejoice in knowing that another sweet being lives there with you.

A cat companon

She will make sure you keep to a regular schedule. She knows what time your day should start and when it should end. She will keep you on track so you won’t miss important appointments. Be prepared to start your day when she awakens you, by whatever favorite method she employs.

Wake-up call

He has no interest in politics or religion, and will not disagree with your views on these subjects.

Philosopher cat

Unlike some females or even males, she will keep your secrets. You can tell her anything you want and she will listen, give very few opinions, and will not repeat to another what you tell her.

He finds satisfaction in sameness. You don’t have to change your decor, your hairstyle, or your clothing to try to impress him or win his approval. He loves you for who you are, not for how you look or how you arrange the furniture. As long as he has a comfortable bed, he will be happy.

A soft bed is always welcome

She knows how to charm and comfort you, and, yes, even help you heal by offering her beautiful purr and her cuddly ways. She can become your therapy but does not charge you for her services. It’s all part of the package.

He can actually help your health. His purr offers benefits, but just having him around can reduce your stress level, lower your blood pressure, and can reduce your risk of having a heart attack.

Therapy cat

She does not try to play a role, but is very happy just being herself. When you get to know your cat, you know she does not put on an act but simply plays the part of herself.

He doesn’t require expensive toys, such as new tools or machines or a new car to make him happy. He’s just as pleased with a colorful toy on a string that he can chase or something that rattles and rolls that encourages him to play. He’s not so much interested in what’s in the box, but in the empty box itself. He’s pretty easy to entertain and his toys don’t cost you everything that’s in your pocketbook.

2 cats in box

She does not become “catty” (where did that expression come from?) She won’t gossip about your friends and she won’t criticize them behind your back. For that matter, neither will she critize you. She accepts things as they are.

He often chooses to share your bed, helping to keep you warm and to relax into a good night’s sleep. In this way, he becomes a theraputic lover.

She can keep your house free from annoying bugs or even rodents, if one sneaks in. As to bugs, she becomes the ultimate “fly swatter.” Who knew bugs could prove so tasty? And, as for spiders, just show her one crawling on the floor and she will often remove the offending intruder with great dispatch.

Cat chasing mouse

He often makes you laugh. Having a bad day? Just watch your cat at his antics, and you may find yourself laughing, thus bringing light back into your life.

Cat playing with toy mouse

She exudes cuteness. You often find her adorable and just enjoy watching her. When you add in stroking that soft fur, yet another dimension gets added to the mix. Being absorbed in her beauty, symmetry, and grace can become a reward in itself.

Cute kitten

He doesn’t require potty training. Give him a litter box and keep it clean and he will take care of the rest. No dirty diapers; no long sessions of training. He comes with the knowledge already in place.

Litter box time

Though she doesn’t talk in English, she can learn the meanings of some basic phrases. If you spend the time to teach those to her, you will find the results rewarding. And, even though she doesn’t speak your language, she enjoys it when you talk to her — especially if you tell her how wonderful she is. Often she will return the favor by discussing things in her kitty language, just content to make contact with you.

He doesn’t run up the gasoline bill by joyriding, and he never comes home drunk. A bit disorderly, perhaps, at times, but giving him a small treat will usually calm such behavior.

If she becomes a mother, she often demonstrates the best traits of motherhood. She cares for her babies, feeds them regularly, keeps them clean, educates them, and will guard them with her life if necessary. What an example!

Mother cat with kittens

If you form a loving bond with your cat, in return, he/she will give you unconditional love. In kitty’s eyes, you can do no wrong. What a reward from your cat, along with all the other goodness you receive. Unconditional love, a rare gift, can bless your life and bring you great joy.

Unconditional love

So, if you have a cat, say thank you this Thanksgiving season for all of kitty’s gifts to you.

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