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You who love cats must know that cats can become emotional support animals. There is a good reason: A cat has great sensitivity for moods and emotions. Cats, accustomed to reading body language among themselves, carry over this trait to reading their human’s state of mind both by signals given off by their two-legged’s body language and by the tone of voice when they speak. Often a cat will respond by giving the exact emotional support that his person needs. But did you know that there are cats with unique talents that go beyond this care-giving role?

Cats leaping from roof to roof: silhouettes

Of course, the cat has the ability to leap onto a high shelf or chase a laser dot with uncanny reflexes. Often that agility allows kitty to make prodigious leaps across broad distances that we could not emulate. I’ve watched my Mocha jump to the top of the bathroom sink, from there to the top of the stackable washer-dryer, and then make a broad jump up to a small storage area under the roof. He makes the whole thing look effortless.

The more we study about cats, the more we learn. It turns out the cat’s unique talents venture into areas we would not believe possible. I’ll give you a couple of examples and furnish YouTube videos so you can see for yourself.

Whiskered Maestros: Cats Who Play Music

The first cat we’ll meet is known as Nora, the piano-playing cat. Now, remember, a cat does not have opposable thumbs, so when playing notes on the piano, kitty uses a one-finger (in this case a paw) technique. To hear a cat play single notes that make a melodic phrase instead of getting on the keyboard and walking across it becomes pretty remarkable in itself. Note how Nora sits at the piano like a person would and positions those paws on the keys in imitation of a human pianist. Here’s a YouTube video of Nora:

Cats like Nora showcase an ability to tap out notes that sometimes seem to follow a melodic pattern. Videos of her have captivated millions, cementing her status as a feline virtuoso. Her ability doesn’t just entertain; it sparks discussions about cats’ potential to comprehend rhythm and melody. What more discoveries will we make about a cat’s hidden talents?

When a cat engages with music, it’s not just about entertainment. It can actually enhance the bond between pet and owner. Music is a universal language, and cats like Nora are testimony to the potential of shared musical experiences. It could be something as simple as a relaxed purr at the sound of soft music or an energetic chase of a bouncing note across a keyboard.

The idea that cats may recognize and even enjoy certain types of music has some scientific backing. Studies have suggested that felines prefer species-specific music that mimics the tempo of natural sounds they would respond to, like birds chirping or the suckling sounds of kittens. It’s fascinating to consider what this says about the sensory world of our pets.

Some Cats Become Interested In The Sports Scene

As your cat undoubtedly makes you aware, each cat has its own character and strengths. We could say the same for people, as we honor them for their unique skills. Some of us two-leggeds become quite involved in sports. Here is a cat who has also become involved in his favorite sport, in this case skateboarding. Note this cat’s uncanny balance and agility is this video of Didga, the skateboarding sensation:

When It Comes To Agility, Cats Win The Prize

Perhaps your cat has some Houdini-like talents, which you might ascribe to this next cat, known as Maru, the box master. Many cats love boxes, but Maru has turned his love of boxes into an art. He also fills the bill as a great source of comic relief. You can find several videos of Maru on YouTube, each showing a different aspect of his box talent. I’ve selected just one, which will allow you to enjoy Maru at his finest:

Cats Can Learn Surprising Things

Just as we often train for long hours to perfect a talent so we can perform for friends or even for a large audience, with training, our cats can master some amazing and surprising skills. Here’s a video about some of my favorite cats, originally from Ukraine, but now living in the United States. Let’s have a round of applause for the Savitsky Cats:

Sometimes your cat might have one unique talent, such as an ability to open doors. When my daughter was about five, she and her cat friend, Tiger, played hide and seek. We had a split-level house. Sandi’s bedroom closet had a sliding door, and the cat knew how to open it. Sandi would hide in the closet and the cat would open the door. Sandi’s cry of delight would send Tiger racing downstairs to the kitchen.

Here, one narrow floor-level cupboard had a door he could open. He’d open the door and hide in the back of the cupboard. Sandi would come downstairs, find the cat with shrieks of laughter, and race upstairs to her closet to repeat the performance. They shared pleasure in their game and their skill.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Uniqueness of Our Feline Friends

Cats with special talents remind us that the animal kingdom demonstrates diverse capabilities. Our cats’ talents enrich our lives and and challenge our understanding of our pets. Perhaps the feline curled up next to you has some special gifts that you have yet to discover. Perhaps over time this yet-unknown talent will bloom into something marvelous.

These stories and videos are testaments to the credibility of feline intelligence and the joy such animals bring to their human friends. Be sure to cultivate your cat’s special talents in a way that promotes the well-being and happiness of your pet. Take notice of the little things your cat does that may hint at an extraordinary talent. Foster a safe and stimulating environment that allows your pet to express that unique ability.

If your cat has a special talent, share your story. Then we can all celebrate their accomplishments.

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