Try Eusoh For An Affordable Pet Care Plan

If you have been hunting for an affordable pet care plan, take a look at Eusoh. They have established a “community health plan that reimburses you for your pet’s medical, wellness, illness and routine care expenses.”

The company wants to supply the best community health care that money can buy. They also wish to eliminate the need for insurance programs that can be expensive and unreliable. 

According to Eusoh, the modern insurance system keeps people in the dark purposefully, so the company can profit. The more the company can bill your doctor, the more money they can charge you. Insurance companies have to keep raising the cost of procedures, because that’s how they make money.

What About A “Premium Pool?”

The money insurance companies collect from their customers goes into a “premium pool.” The company then takes a percentage of that pool as their profit. So naturally, every time a procedure price goes up, that means there is more money that the insurance company can skim from the premium pool.

Unlike a regular insurance company, Eusoh only benefits when costs go down. The reason: Eusoh Cartoon: Person rolling round dollar symbolonly takes money from member dues, not from premiums.  In fact, Eusoh doesn’t hold your money in a premium pool at all.

Eusoh collects a small membership fee, which allows them to keep their lights on and keep growing. The rest of your monthly payment goes to pet parents. Eusoh is operated by a peer-to-peer health sharing system. In other words, medical costs are shared by all users in the community.

Eusoh’s Goal As A Company

Eusoh’s goal as a company is to drive costs down, because when medical costs become lower for its members, they will attract new members. New members allow Eusoh to make money.

Unlike regular insurance companies, who can only survive by charging you, the doctors, and the health care facilities more each year. Eusoh can only grow by making their service more competitive, and they do so by attracting new members

With Eusoh, you will never pay more than $65 per month. Also, you will get reimbursed for wellness expenses and routine vet visits. Most traditional pet insurance companies will not cover these expenses.

Advantages Of This Company

Here is why Eusoh says their coverage is better than insurance:

1) No premiums

2) Total transparency — you will learn before every procedure if you will receive reimbursement and, if so, how much.

3) Access to community of members

4) No network, so go to any vet you are comfortable with

5) Easy and instant: Submit expenses from your smartphone. There’s no red tape or long forms to fill out.

6) Better coverage

Don’t be hesitant to pay with cash and get reimbursed. It’s easier and cheaper than going through an insurance company, and you will actually save a lot of money.

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What Reimbursements Will You Get When You Join Eusoh?

1) Injuries

2) Illness

3) Annual checkups

4) Cancer

5) Hereditary conditions

6) Congenital conditions

7) Surgeries

8) Prescribed Meds

9) Alternative Treatments

10) Wellness care

What Is Not Covered?

There are a few things this insurance does not cover:

1) Preexisting conditions

2) Spay or neuter

3) Breeding

4) Grooming

5) Supplements

6) Food

The Costs And Fees

Every month, Eusoh receives 100% participation from everyone in the community in cost-sharing. Thus, the funds will always be there to reimburse you when you need them.

Here are the costs:Man carrying huge $ bill

1) Membership fee — $17.00 per month per pet. With three or more pets, the fee becomes $10.00 a month for each.

2) Yearly out-of-pocket expense of $250.00. This amount is like a deductible. You must spend that much before receiving reimbursement for future bills.

3) Monthly deposit of $48.00 is required to remain active in the group.

Thus, a maximum amount you will have to pay in any given month is $65.00.

You will never be penalized for the age of your pet, and your monthly membership fee never increases, regardless of your animal’s breed, age, or general health.

One draw-back: After you have been accepted into a group, you must wait 30 days after joining to file a claim. Also, if you rack up some really big expenses for your pet, such as surgeries of other pricey treatment plans, you can receive a maximum yearly reimbursement of $8,500.00.

How Does This Company Work?

First, you will have to create an account with Eusoh for your pet. Then you will join a group. As each pet is registered separately, they could be placed in separate groups. You must remember that with separate pets, you will have to be responsible for separate membership fees and deposits. Do remember to ask for the multi-pet discount.

Then you join a group, and must wait 30 days before making a claim. Following this period, visit any vet you wish. He has a searchable vet service and procedure guide that will tell you if something is covered by the community.

Most Eusoh members join the larger community; however, Eusoh provides you with the option of an affinity group. With this provision, you can create a group with friends and family. You must have at least ten members to create your own group.

If you don’t have the ten friends or family members needed to form an affinity group, you can join an already established group.

One other thing you should know: You are expected to stay with your group for at least 12 months. If you leave your group early, you will forfeit your deposit.

What Are Coverage Exclusions?

There are a few exclusions to Eusoh coverage. These include flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives, spay or neuter surgery, and dental cleanings. These you will have to pay out-of-pocket.

Eusoh will also not cover elective procedures. These include declawing and grooming.

cartoon: girl running with dog on leashIf you wish to get in touch with Eusoh with questions, one way is to go to their website via webchat. You can also reach Eusoh through email or by phone. The last is only available Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 5:00, PST.

If you like to check BBB ratings, Eusoh has an A+ rating.  In three years of business, the company has only ever received one BBB complaint.

If you wish to stay on top of your pet’s health care and don’t like the expensive options available through traditional insurance companies, Eusoh gives you one of the best alternatives you can find.

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If you are interested in learning more about this company, or want to sign up for their coverage, click on the blue highlighted link below to be taken to the Eusoh website.


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