Do You Want To Learn To Draw A Cat?

Do you like to draw? How are you at drawing animals? Do you want to learn to draw a cat? Read on to gain some helpful tips.

I soon learned when researching for this post that it does no good to just write down the instructions. You need illustrations. Therefore, the “text” in this post will be mostly YouTube videos. I will include some drawing materials with the appropriate affiliate links, so you can purchase if you desire.

I found a simple set of instructions on how to draw a kitty that is suitable for kids and beginners. I’ll list the first step here. Step one from this post is to draw a circle and an oval for the body and head of a cat, then mark the center of the head with the help of a line.

To see the full set of instructions for this exercise in cat drawing, go to: There you will find the full instructions.

Check out this YouTube video:

You will need drawing supplies, if you don’t already have them. For starters, how about some drawing sketch books? Here is one from Amazon that might suit:

Fixsmith 9" x 12" sketch book, 100 sheets

Durable acid-free drawing paper, ideal for
kids, beginners, artists & professionals
Price: $10.99

Try this video from YouTube:

Let’s get those kids some drawing supplies. Here’s a set of drawing supplies for kids

Art Supplies for Kids
Case, trifold easel, sketchpad, coloring book, pastels, crayons, pencils
by iBayam
Price: $31.99

Now we’ll add another YouTube selection.

Would you like a colored pencil set so you can color your creations? Take a look at this one


172 Pc Colored Pencils Set; Drawing Tools
Soft core, professional numbered art drawing pencils
For sketching, shading, blending
by Color More
Price: $39.99

Now you have three videos to watch that might be just what you need to learn how to draw a cat. Just to keep things interesting, let’s add one more video:


There you have it — four YouTube selections designed to teach you how to draw a cat. Now I’ll include one more set of art supplies so you have four choices there as well. Check it out:


Sunnyglade 145-piece Deluxe Art Set
Wooden art box and drawing kit
Crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, paint brush, sharpener, eraser, color chart
Price : $34.98

Enjoy these videos, friends. You might find it really fun to help the kids learn how to draw a cat. Of course, it can be fun for you as well. Try your skill and see how you do.

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