For A Refreshing Change Of Pace Try Cat Coloring Books

cat with glasses reading bookThere are days when I need to be totally distracted from the happenings of the world around me. Sometimes, the best way for me to free myself from the tensions of the moment is to do something that is a complete change; something fun and relaxing, and mentally absorbing. I get out my cat coloring books.

Involving myself with an art project has always proven to be a good way for me to relax. So, I get out my paints, colored pencils, or crayons. Then I choose a lovely cat picture from a book such as the ones shown at the end of this article, and I set to work.

Soon I am so absorbed that I forget the outside world. It no longer exists for me. I paint or color for an hour or two, then put the project away and return to work. Now my mind is fresh and ready to attack whatever problem I struggled with, and as I am in a more relaxed state, I am more apt to find a solution.

Here are a selection of books and art supplies for you to peruse. Perhaps you will find some pictures that you would really like to color. Check on the image or on the highlighted item name and you will be taken to Amazon, where you can purchase the product. Please note that, as an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a small commission from the item if you purchase it.

cat coloring book to raise funds for cats in needSmokey from the Block Cat Coloring Book with a Cause

The coloring saga of a feral kitty in NYC

Paperback, by Cause Coloring

Price:  $7.79.


The sales from this book are used to raise funds for community cats in need.  Based on a true and happy rescue story.

boy holding cat: book cover -- how to care for your catHow to Care for your Cat:  A Color and Learn Guide for Kids


Price:  $3.99




Sudee Style Colored Pencils, 150 unique colors, no duplicates150 colored pencils, all different, sharpener

Case and sharpener included

by Sudee Style

Price:  $32.99




Wood box with 143 pieces, paints, pencils, and color wheelU.S.Art Supply 143-piece box art, painting and drawing set

Wooden box with 24 color pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 round watercolors, 20 wax crayons

Contains color mixing wheel, 2 camel brushes, 1 plastic ruler, pencil sharpener, eraser

Price:  $34.96



Drawing paper, white cat on front of padWatercolor Paper Pad; Drawing Pad; Painting Paper

White Cat Fabric Hard  Cover

Acrylic Art Pad for Sketching Ink; Sketch Book Coloring Notebook

by Trove Gifts

$13.42 + $5.64 shipping


coloring book: 50 cats

Cats:  Coloring Book by Olga Gre

Masters Family Kit

Price:  $9.99



Happy Coloring:  Lovely Cats Coloring Book for AdultsAdult coloring book, large brown and white cat

by CreateSpace Independent publishing platform

Price:  $6.59




Creative Haven Creative Kittens Coloring Book (For Adults)Adult coloring book: two kittens on front

by Dover Publications

Price:  $5.00




Adult coloring book; single intricate-designed catDoodle Cats Adult Coloring Book

by CreateSpace Independent  Publishing Platform

Price:  $6.35




Cat coloring book; cat on cover with multiple designsDabixx 24-page Creative Cat Coloring Book

Kill time painting, drawing book for children and adults

by Dabixx

Price:  $3.97, free shipping



Coloring book: two cats in field of flowers The Cat Lovers’ Coloring Book

Dover Nature Coloring Book

by Dover Publications

Price:  $3.99



Siamese cat in middle of pink & white flowersCats and Flowers:  A Coloring Book

by Quixote Press

Price:  $5.99




Cat head and shoulders in elaborate circle design; animals and castles Mystical Cats in Secret Places

A Cat Lover’s Coloring Book

by Waves of Color

Price:  $13.95



Spiral bound cat coloring book, cat face on frontCats, Kittens and Wildcats Adult Coloring Book; 50 original hand-drawn designs

Artist-quality paper with hardback covers, top perforated pages; bonus blotter


by ColorIt

Price:  $19.99



If you would like to purchase one or more of these fun items, either click on the blue-highlighted title or on the image itself, and you will be taken to Amazon to make your purchase. 



2 thoughts on “For A Refreshing Change Of Pace Try Cat Coloring Books”

  1. These are sets of amazing cat coloring books for cat lovers, am definitely getting some. I love cats, bought one last year and it ran away after 4 months. I looked for her but I can’t find it till date. Any idea what might have triggered her to run away or is that how cats leave their owners? I want to buy another so I really want to know why it did run away so I won’t repeat the same mistake. 

    • I am so glad you liked the coloring books.  I like them too — would like to get one for myself, so probably will.  I like those coloring sets, too.  

      As to why your cat ran away, I don’t know.  Hopefully nothing happend to it. I would suggest that if you want another cat, go to your local animal shelter and pick one.  You find some very nice cats there, all of whom really need a home.  I got my last cat there, and he was the best cat I ever had.


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