Have You Ever Given A Kitty Cat Birthday Party?

Today, July 26, is my birthday. To honor the day, I’ve decided that my kitty, Mocha, needs a celebration too. Therefore, have researched and found many ideas for giving a kitty cat birthday party. If you want to honor your cat with a special day, you might like these ideas.

Choose The Date

If you know your kitty’s birthday, and want to celebrate on that day, that’s fine, but you can also pick a random day and designate it as the day you and kitty will have your party. The cat will not know the difference, and he will enjoy the attention and fun.

Grey cat, hat and presents

If you really want to get as close as possible to kitty’s actual birth date and do not know it, you can try the following. First of all, if you got your cat in a shelter, call them, as they may have the date of birth listed in their records.

If that doesn’t net you a date, take your cat to your vet and have him examine kitty’s teeth. He can give you an approximate age, and from there you can select your date.

Next, decide how big a party you want. Does your kitty have cat friends? Is he shy or social? Does he enjoy visitors? Let these factors decide how big the party will be. Make sure the guest of honor is comfortable.

kitty birthday tablecloth
A Birthday Party Tablecloth

Decorate To Create A Party Atmosphere

Since you are going to do a party, you might as well create some atmosphere. Decorate if you wish. Get a special table cover such as the one shown here…if you look, you will find many choices. Balloons are good — perhaps your cat and his friends would like to see how many they can break.

If you do plan to invite other cats, you might also add a couple of extra litter boxes, just to be on the safe side.

An Idea For A Cat Birthday Cake

kiten carrying cake

How about a cat birthday cake? An easy way to create one is to open a can of kitty pate and flip it onto a plate. Now you can add candles, and even press kibble into the top of the pate as decorations. Do make sure to avoid any human foods, such as seasonings, that prove not good for cats.

Of course, you can prepare snacks for your human guests as well. After all, they deserve some treats as well, as they came to honor your kitty. Just don’t let kitty have any of the people food.

What About A Birthday Gift?

You do need a birthday gift or two. The toys available these days might entertain your kitty quite well, so pick out a couple you think he’d like. Then you and other guests can play with the cat to check out the reaction to these new toys.

Arrange A Party Photo Shoot

Tuxedo cat with hat blowing out candles

Start a photographic tradition. Get a professional photographer or perhaps one of your talented friends to take some great pictures of kitty enjoying his party. Put these in a little book and add to the book as new photos come along. You will enjoy looking back at these pictures as time passes.

Make sure you serve plenty of cat treats. In fact, you might set up a “treat table” for four-legged guests, and include tasty and healthy snacks that kitty will find most satisfying.

Provide For The Human Participants

For the two-legged guests, serve kitty-themed party food. You can include cookies or chips and dips served in new cat food dishes, or you might design cat-shaped sandwiches made with cookie cutters. You can use those cutters on pizza as well.

Also, make or purchase a cat-shaped birthday cake for the human participants. Or, decorate a cake or cupcakes with cat faces (remember to add the whiskers). Just make sure that cats and people all know that the cake and cupcakes are not meant for kitty to sample.

cat with cupcake, one candle

For drinks, furnish cat-themed party cups, bottled water or beer (please, no drunk cats!) or fill a punch bowl with cat-shaped ice cubes. (Is there someone out there who knows how to create such ice cubes? Ideas, please.)

Give your guests cat-ear headbands and/or cat masks that they can wear during the party. Let’s get a catty atmosphere going! You can also make catnip favors for guests: put a few catnip seeds into a tiny burlap bag and send them home with guests for home planting.

What Amusements Can You Offer?

You can make a cat-oriented game by playing “knock the tail off the donkey.” See if you can get your kitty into the spirit of things with such a game. Or, if kitty has received new toys as gifts, you absolutely must take them for a trial run, to see how kitty likes them.

cat head: We do great work and then we do great party

Depending on the age range of your human guests, you could watch a cat-themed movie. You will find numerous options for any age group. Here are three: Homeward Bound, The Cat From Outer Space, or Felix the Cat.

Give your cat lots of attention and loving during this party. Let kitty know how much he/she means to you, and how glad you are to include kitty in the family. Kitty will reward you with unconditional love. What better gift could your fur baby give you?

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