Have You Wondered, What Does Dreaming About Cats Mean?

Do you ever dream about cats? Could you interpret your dream? Or, perhaps you have wondered, what does dreaming about cats mean?

The experts tell us that such dreams do not visit us at random, but contain a message from our subconscious. The cat in the dream serves its purpose as a metaphor related to what goes on in your life.

The Meaning May Be In The Details

When you think about the dream, consider these factors: In what condition was the cat? How did it behave? How did you interact with the animal? Did you have feelings about the cat in your dream, and if so, what feelings? Did these correlate with present happenings in your life?

Cat looking up

What the cat does in your dream, or its condition may directly relate to something going on in your waking life. Depending on your beliefs, the cat could prove symbolic of any number of religious, mythological, or folkloric interpretations. They bring you messages from your deepest inner self.

How you interpret a cat dream may be quite different from how another might interpret it, as their waking situation will not be the same as yours. If it’s an upsetting dream, you would be wise to decide what real-life issue it relates to, and correct that, to avoid a recurring nightmare.

Dreaming Of Cats Connected With The Feminine

Dream cats often indicate the need to connect with your feminine aspect, or to get in touch with your sensual nature. Sensuality and the feminine essence represent the most common symbolism found in these dreams.

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Cats and females share such characteristics as elegance, affection, nurturing and protection, loving to rest or sleep, and luxury. Dreaming of a cat or cats attunes to your feminine side, whether you are male or female.

Since cats prove very self-sufficient, your dream might be connected to independence, womanly instincts, original ideas, or supremacy. If you are spiritually oriented, you might dream about cats as symbols of a higher power.

General Messages In Cat Dreams

Sleeping cat, dreaming

Here are some general messages that cat dreams might represent:

  1. Possibly you seek female qualities in life
  2. You might explore such questions as who am I, why am I here, what am I doing?
  3. Look for a deeper meaning to life and to the females around you
  4. Try to understand what is holding you back in life
  5. Practice independence and originality at work
  6. Seek to protect or find protection in difficult times
  7. Women’s gossiping secrets
  8. Perhaps a difficult time with a female in your life
  9. The dream might suggest that you need to try to navigate your life better
  10. It could be indicative of either good or bad luck, depending on the dream

Are Dreams About Cats Good Or Bad?

The message is in the details. Perhaps you will encounter a difficult time with a female in the coming days. Strong internal emotions can bring about dreams of cats, and might indicate the need to review your inner thoughts.

It’s Important To Observe What The Cat Does

The cat’s actions in the dream can label it either positive or negative. A happy, playful, cuddly cat indicates a positive dream. If the cat becomes aggressive, it may represent warnings from your subconscious mind. Remember that cats are symbolic of our own life protection.

Is your dream related to the self-sufficiency of the cat? It may indicate that you need to free your mind, and try to determine what is holding you back.

Man discussing dreams

A cat’s symbolic meaning centers around hunting, vanishing, and visual powers, from a spiritual perspective. These meanings have existed since the 1500s. Once, small cat amulets were worn as a protection, partly to ward off evil spirits.

Unfortunately, a cat dream could also indicate difficult times or bad luck ahead. It might also indicate that, if you love cats, you will now have more insight into daily life.

What Secrets Does The Cat Dream Hold?

Cat at night walking across road

Because cats have excellent night vision, seeing clearly in small amounts of light, they become connected to seeing and hearing that which is hidden. From a mythical view, they become representative of our own inner courage. They urge you to understand what is in front of you.

Dreaming of a cat indicates a strongly symbolic dream, representing your own independence, relaxation, being able to see what lies in front of you, and what occurs in your subconscious mind.

Children often love cats, and seeing a child holding or petting a cat in a dream may refer to some valuable experience you may have in the near future.

What About Recurring Cat Dreams?

If you have a cat dream that recurs over and over, it can indicate that you need to work on the skills of mindfulness. Use these skills to see life in a new light, bringing you happiness and peace.

Mindfulness concerns being able to enjoy the present moment. This message denotes a spiritual need to pay attention to what’s happening in the here and now. Perhaps you need to to find an all-important balance between work and play.

Cats, highly sensitive animals who rely heavily on their instincts to govern their behavior, may tell you it’s time to listen to your intuition. Doing so might help you avoid problems in daily life. Also, since the cat has a close connection to the spritual, such dreams might signal that you will soon receive a message from a higher source such as a teacher or a spiritual guardian.

Cat sleeping in the stars

What About Dream Dictionaries?

This subject covers such a vast area of potential meanings that I won’t try to tackle it with this blog. However, I urge you to read my references, especially the one from auntyflo.com, as you will find a great many specific dream meanings in here. Look them over and if they fit, adopt them to fit your need for interpretation.

You might dream about specific breeds or colors of cats, young cats, old cats, or cats doing any number of things. Perhaps you will find a meaning that feels like an exact fit.

Meanwhile, know that you can find an interpretation that just fits your dream, if you search for it. Perhaps your intuition will tell you the significance of that dream just because you know your life circumstances.

Below you will see the references I used for this post. Perhaps you can find the specific meaning to your dream in one of these:


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