Can You Select The Best Cat Backpack For Your Kitty?

Have you thought you might like to try a kitty backpack for your pet for excursions into nature? Do you think your cat would like traveling that way? If so, do you know how to select the best cat backpack for your kitty?

Will Your Cat Like A Kitty Backpack?

As cats like to fit into small boxes, it is possible that they would like a cat backpack. It all depends on your cat. If you have a cat who tends to be frightened by anything new, or who does not like any variation from his routine, he might not be a good backpack candidate.

However, if your cat has an adventurous streak and likes to see what’s out there in the world, here is your chance to give him an outdoor experience. He’s up high, so he has a good view of everything, and he knows you walk with him…important if he likes to spend lots of time with you.

Though a cat likes a space where he will just fit, if he has no options but to stay in the small space offered by the backpack, he may find it confining. If you go on a long hike, make sure to take breaks to rest, remove the cat from the backpack, and provide a litter box, a snack, and some water.

Keep a collar or harness and leash on the cat while he’s in the backpack, so you can make sure he won’t run away when you take him out.

I have included three styles of cat backpacks for you to look at. If you go to Amazon and purchase one of these, please note that I will receive a small commission.

Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack
(Black; Expandable)
Price: $39.99

What To Look For In A Cat Backpack

Look for all the features that add to the cat’s enjoyment of the experience. Check for sufficient air holes to keep the pack breathable. Is there a clear window where kitty can see out? Is the material high quality to offer maximum comfort? Are there plenty of pockets for treats and water bottles, and sturdy clips to keep kitty’s leash safely secured?

Be wary of a fabric backpack, as the cat may well manage to tear it open. You certainly don’t want to let the cat escape when out for a hike.

If your cat is a difficult cat, you might want to choose a plastic or hard carrier. These make escape much less likely.

Whichever backpack you choose, think of your cat’s comfort. Make sure to add a soft blanket for kitty to lie on, especially if you go with a plastic carrier. The plastic ones can cause kitty’s paws to slip and slide. However, a towel or fleece blanket will take care of this problem.

Pockets in the backpack offer space for a favorite toy or two, snacks, and items with your smell or your cat’s smell on them.

Measure Your Cat

Compare kitty’s measurements to the dimensions of the bag, to make sure there’s enough room for your fur baby. Also, if you have a large cat, it’s best to weigh him and make sure his weight is within the maximum weight limit of the carrier.

Because the cat has an instinctive behavior to find small places where they will fit, adding warmth and comfort pleases him. Many cats will love the backpack because it has these qualities. Remember, though, backpacks don’t appeal to a cat who has anxieties about leaving his territory. It’s up to your cat in some cases. He may not accept this mode of travel.

If you use a kitty backpack for fun adventures with your cat, I would recommend not using the backpack for trips to the vet. Most cats find this experience a traumatic one, so it might not serve the purpose to use a backpack meant for fun adventures together as a way to take him to the hated vet’s office.

How Long Can The Cat Stay In the Backpack?

It should be okay for the cat to travel in the backpack for up to eight hours, so long as you stop for breaks and provide your cat with all he needs, such as a litter box, food, and water. Most owners suggest that you take a break every two or three hours.

Back Expandable Cat Backpack Carrier
Fits up to 10 pounds, by Halinfer
Price: $33.99

What Is The Appeal Of The Backpack?

Wear the backpack around for a while when you first get it, so it will collect your scent. Then leave the backpack on the floor, open so the cat can check it out. Out of curiosity he will investigate, and when he smells your scent, he may try laying on it or in it.

Because the bag has your smell, the odor is reminiscent of family to the cat, and makes him feel close to you.

The Scent Of The Backpack Includes Many Things

Not only does the backpack smell like you, but it also has the odor of many interesting things it has come in contact with. Your kitty may find these various odors fascinating.

After all, the cat’s nose can smell much better than a human nose, and he will know if a scent is an unfamiliar one. The cat uses his nose for communication with the world. He might sniff your finger when you first meet; then he can file that scent away in his smell memory.

Instead of shaking hands, the cat uses his nose to greet others, either animals or humans. A nose touch from the cat indicates trust.

Because the cat has a strong sense of territory, he uses his sense of smell to alert him to anything unusual in his environment. The nose serves as one of his best hunting tools. He can also detect danger well in advance of any catastrophe.

Consider These Factors When Selecting A Cat Backpack

  • The backpack needs to have plenty of air holes so it receives proper ventilation
  • Get a pack with adjustable straps for your own comfort and convenience.
  • Find a backpack with safety straps, which will keep kitty inside and will prevent his jumping out.
  • Make sure the backpack has the appropriate size and weight qualifications for your cat.
  • Choose a backpack made of high quality, durable fabric, strong enough to sustain cat bites and scratches
  • Look for a backpack offering maximum comfort

It’s a good idea to give kitty some leash training before trying the backpack, so he will find the leash and harness familiar and not something new. You will need to use the leash and harness on your breaks for feeding and litter box use, so prepare ahead of time.

Training your cat to travel in a backpack can give both of you new ways to enjoy your time together. If your cat accepts the backpack and likes traveling in it, both of you will reap the benefits. Now you can see the world together and find pleasure in the shared experience.

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  1. I love this idea! I’m not sure if Rascal will. Took me ages to get him to approve a harness ;). Cat carriers = trouble (vet usually).

    But if I could coax him, I think he would love it. I’ll have to think it over 😉

    • They look like you and kitty could have fun together if you had one of these. I like the idea of letting kitty (Rascal!) explore it before he learns what it is for. He might get in there and decide he likes the place.


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