Do Cats Have Healing Powers?

What do you think?  Do cats have healing powers?  Here is a great story from someone who believes they do.

My friends, I have a special treat for you.  This story comes from Dr. Jenna Foster, another member of Wealthy Affiliate, the company through which we build our websites.  Our community is very interactive, so I’ve gotten to know Jenna, and found that she also loves cats. 

She sent me a message one day and told me this wonderful story.  I asked if she would be willing to write it up to be included on  She agreed, and here it is.  Be sure to leave comments for Jenna — let her know what you think of this story.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


Have you ever experienced healing by a cat? If no, I can tell you that cat healing powers are astounding! You will be surprised! This story is about a healing encountering with a cat and it is true, each and every word of it. However, I completely understand if you have a hard time believing this story. I probably would have doubts too if it has not happened to me.

Here is what happened.

On Thursday morning, I started to feel scratching in my throat and my nose started to run. I gave myself an additional portion of Reiki and drank a lot of water.

However, the intensity of the pain and scratchiness stayed unchanged. My throat was dry and I coughed a lot. The symptoms worsened on Friday.

Then, Friday night I was going to start my stretching exercises on my PaidaLajin bench – PaidaLajin means slap and stretch, and it is a very simple self-healing method; click here if you like to learn more about it – when I heard a cat walking on the lava stones, calling.

The voice sounded familiar to me, therefore I anticipated seeing Buddy, our next door neighbor’s cat that migrated to us a year ago. It was pitch-dark, the moon had not shown up yet and I could see only the white of the paws.

After the cat came closer I was very surprised to recognize Rocky, a cat I saw a couple of nights on our lot. One time about four months back from this happening, Rocky showed up in the morning, came into the bedroom, jumped on the bed and laid down close to Honda.

Honda is our boy cat who came to us on New Year’s Day in very poor shape. He was very sick with an infection of the upper respiratory system and very, very thin. Poor thing.

black and white cat
Image: Jenna Foster “Honda, the guard and healer cat”

Honda is a very cool cat. He is a guard and healer cat. I observed him many times in action while he assisted another cat being in trouble, simply lying down and being present with his calm, beautiful energy. The other cat calmed down too.

The most prominent Honda’s healing case was when Nani came to us, a very angry eight weeks old Siamese silver point girl. She was as wild as she was beautiful. We barely could approach her closer than four feet. It was not possible to touch her without getting bitten or scratched. We kept her for two days in a laundry box and took chances several times a day getting scratched and bitten when we walked her leashed in the yard, which she loved.

Honda used to sit quietly very close to the box accepting her hissing and swatting against the wall. The morning of the third day there were kitten sounds coming out of the box. I knew she turned back to a kitten again, and she was good. It took only a little while and both kittens played together.

When Rocky jumped up on the bed that morning, he laid down close to me, and Honda, who was resting on my side, bit him in the side of his neck.

The bite did not provoke any aggressive reaction by Rocky and I knew that Rocky is Honda’s father. Also, the markings on Honda’s head are similar to Rocky’s. Lani, another rescue kitten of ours that came to us in February in even worse shape than Honda, hasn’t shown any stress reaction as well. She is Honda’s sister.

Image: Jenna Foster “Honda’s sister Lani”

Rocky stayed with us for the entire day. He was loving and kind, and cuddly, cuddly, cuddly. We were a little worried. He is looking for a new home and wants to stay with us, but we had already four cats, and Nani and Buddy were aggressive to Rocky.

My heart was bleeding for I fell in love with Rocky instantly. In the late afternoon, Rocky left.

Rocky had a heavy infection of the respiratory system, as Honda and Lani did, too. He barely could breathe through his nostrils. His nose was corroded and hard. Poor Rocky. We couldn’t do anything for him other than give him love and touch as long as he was with us.

I never forgot that day with the loving cat. When I gave Reiki to our cats, I always included Rocky, sending him healing and love. He was a part of our family.

I didn’t see him for about four months, wondered how he is, and actually wished to see him again. However, that night I was surprised but very happy about seeing him again.

I sat on the bench when Rocky came close and jumped on the bench. He rubbed his bony body against mine. I pressed him on my side, feeling deep gratitude. I felt so blessed seeing him, thankful and full of joy. Rocky responded in a similar way rubbing, smelling on me and giving me cat kisses.

It was getting late and I wanted to start my stretching. I laid down on the bench bringing my left leg up. Rocky laid down on my side and stayed there for a while. However, suddenly he got up and came close to my face, smelling on it at different places.

I thought that this acting was a little strange but let him be. Eventually, he sat down at the side of my throat and started to tap my throat with his left paw. He tapped about six or seven times and made me feel that something very special is happening right now.

Image: Pixabay
Reiki looks similar like the cat on this picture

After tapping my throat, he moved half of his body over my throat and laid down. I could feel his soft fur and warm belly on my throat. He stayed that way for about one minute, then moved back and laid down close to my head.

Honda, who used to assist me on my bench every night, came up on the bench too. I felt the tension between the cats. Obviously, Honda became a man cat and felt forced to defend his territory. Rocky stayed calm.

I didn’t like the idea of fighting cats just over my belly and calmed them down “loving, peaceful, good boys, be friendly” and so on. The cats relaxed and laid down on my side.

It was pretty crowded on the PaidaLajin bench that night but I enjoyed so much the loving energy of both animals. I was so happy that Rocky was back, suppressing the wish coming up in my belly, that Rocky would stay with us.

When I was finishing up my stretching exercise, Rocky was going to leave. I said thank you and come back. I felt a little sad.

Don’t ask me, please, where all those feelings came from. They simply were there. In my physical existence, I don’t have a clue. In my light existence, I know that Rocky is an old friend. He had been in my heart for centuries.

When I went to bed I again heard a cat calling. “Come on Honda, come” I responded for I thought this was Honda. However, it was Rocky again. He jumped up on the bed and laid down close to my head.

Obviously, he wasn’t satisfied with his healing job for he got up again, sat down close to my head and started to tap my throat again. Seven times. Then he stepped over my throat and my throat sank in his warm fur. He stayed this way for about one minute. Then he moved back and ended up sleeping on my side the entire night together with Honda.

Next morning he left. My throat sore was gone.

I know one time he will be back again.

There is a lot of healing we humans receive from other living beings, like for example, cats. So often we are not aware of it and don’t appreciate it enough.

This experience is precious to me for it opened my eyes and I can see and understand more now. Especially our pets, which are so close to us and are often treated like children, are not simply pets. They are teachers and healers. We share this world with them.

Please, see them and give them more room to expand their beautiful healing abilities, and to help YOU with your issues.

My sore throat was healed after my healing session. My joy about Rocky is sounding beautiful in my heart. A friend of mine, Andre, whom I told the story, suggested renaming Rocky to Reiki. Yes! I loved it! Rocky is Reiki from now on.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please, share with me what do you think about it! Have you had similar experiences? Please, let me know!

Please, let me know if you have any questions or would like my support. I am there for you!

Thank you very much, Fran, for inviting me to blog this post on your website and giving me the opportunity to spread this amazing experience! I appreciate it a lot! Mahalo!

Sending much Love and Light!

Aloha, Jenna






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    • Thank you very much, Beverly!! It was a big surprise! So beautiful and very special! It was a real treatment 🙂 I learned a lot from it!
      Sending much Love and Light!
      Aloha, Jenna


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