Flea Problem? Check This Seresto Flea Collar Review

I have been wanting to write something about a way to help rid cats of fleas, but as they are somewhat rare in Alaska, I’ve had no practical experience. Then, a friend and business associate of mine sent me a message about her solution to the problem. Read about it in this Seresto flea collar review.

I’ve written this review on the product she uses as a way of helping cats and cat parents who are dealing with this problem. My friend, Marion Black, who lives in Australia, has had a major battle with fleas. Her warm climate would not be good for me, but the fleas love it. Here is what she wrote to me recently:

“Do you remember my rescue cat, Merlynne? She’s allergic to fleas and if even one flea bites her, she starts losing fur all over her body, in particular the insides of her back legs. I tried all sorts of drops, powders, and cheap flea collars but none of them were really effective until I lashed out and bought the Seresto flea collar.

It’s not the cheapest flea collar in the world but (in my opinion) it IS the most effective. All her fur has grown back and Merlynne looks as good now as she did when she was a kitten.”

Name: Seresto (Product from Bayer Animal Health)

Website: Chewy.com

Product: Flea and tick collar

Price: $45.99 at Chewy.com; price may vary from store to store

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Seresto collar destroys both fleas and ticks. Just put it on your cat like you would a normal Cat scratching fleascollar, and it will work to rid the cat of these parasites for eight months after the cat starts wearing it.

This collar has the ability to open when pulled hard. This feature helps keep your cat from getting tangled up with obstacles. If the cat gets in real trouble and struggles to free itself, with enough force the collar will come open…a great safety feature.

Also, the collar will not create scars on the cat’s neck, something that happens at times with other collars. Kitty will be unharmed.

How Effective Is It?

Seresto kills fleas within 24 hours and kills any ticks within 48 hours of application.

The Seresto manufacturer, Bayer, tells us that their polymer matrix technology will provide a slow, continuous release of the active ingredients, spreading over an eight-month period. These active ingredients spread from the direct contact of the collar with the skin.

Seresto is water-resistant. It will stay effective even after bathing, swimming, or exposure to rain. It is important to note, however, if you use the collar on a dog that swims a lot, the collar’s effectiveness will be reduced to less than five months.

What Are The Active Ingredients In The Collar?

The active ingredients in the collar include Imidacloprid and Flumethrin. Imidacloprid is an insecticidal agent. It acts on the central nervous system of fleas, causing impairment and eventual death.

Flumethrin repels and kills adult ticks plus immature tick forms such as larvae and nymphs. It will

Chart of tick life cycle
Seresto also destroys all stages of this parasite

work against a variety of types of ticks.

The two ingredients work together to give protection to your cat against both fleas and ticks.

What Parasites Can The Cat Contract?

Cats are prone to a number of parasites. Bugs that can easily adapt on your cat include fleas, lice, mites, and ticks. It is important to rid the cat of these parasites if at all possible as they can be responsible for a number of serious diseases your cat can get.

Benefits Of The Seresto Collar

For one thing, it is long-lasting. It will outlast all rival brands, staying effective for eight months.

The active ingredients effectively drive off fleas and ticks. The ingredients go from the inside of the collar to the cat’s body, without getting on the outside surface of the collar.

The opening mechanism provides an additional safety feature if your cat’s collar gets hung up on something. Your cat might lose the collar but not it’s life.

Because the collar is made of soft, smooth material, the cat will not find it uncomfortable to wear. Many collars are made of tough fabrics or materials. These can leave scars on your cat’s neck.

Are There Side Effects?

A cat can show an allergic reaction to the collar. The cat might be allergic to either of the two active ingredients or to the material used to make the collar.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to try the collar for a week. If your cat has any adverse reactions, remove the collar. If these reactions are extreme, see your vet.

Keep The Collar Away From Children

Do not allow children to play with this collar or with the reflectors. Don’t let them put any part of the Seresto collar in their mouths. It is also important to avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing.

As the collar contains small parts, it can be a choking hazard. Keep reflectors out of the mouth. If you have a sensitive reaction to the ingredients on the collar, avoid handling it. It’s meant for cats, not humans.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after fitting the collar on your pet.

How Does This Collar Work To Destroy These Parasites?

The collar releases the two active ingredients in low doses, extending over eight months. These ingredients are then absorbed through the fatty layer of your cat’s skin. These ingredients are Picture of a cat fleadistributed throughout the body, offering protection to the cat and death to the parasites.

The collar can be worn alongside a regular collar, if your cat wears one. Do not use it on kittens younger than 10 weeks old. Also, do not use on a pregnant or nursing cat, or for a debilitated or geriatric animal.

If your cat is on other medications, check with your vet to determine how they might interact with Seresto.


Though this collar may be considered pricey, if it does the job, in my opinion the price, then, is not so important. At Chewy.com, the price for this collar is $45.99 (See link below if you want to order one.)

Compare this collar’s price to that of other collars. Then compare how long each one lasts. Since Seresto is good for eight months, you may find that other collars do not last for that long. Therefore, Seresto’s price might be a good deal for you if you consider how long it is effective.


Starts to work immediately after the collar goes on the cat

Repels and kills fleas and ticks for eight months

Kills fleas before they can lay eggs

Prevents tick infestations within 48 hours of putting on the collar

Water-resistant; will work even if wet or dirty

Collar has a release mechanism if pulled on hard enough

Compared to other flea and tick collars, is odor-free


Safe if chewed on by your pet

Light reflectors add visibility in evening or night-time

Available for cats of all weights


You will need to test on your cat, to make sure there is no allergic reaction. If such reactions are severe, consult a vet

Pricey, but lasts a long time.

If you make the collar too tight, it could cause bacterial development underneath.

On the other hand, collar should not be so loose that the cat can lick it.


I know if I lived in an area where fleas were prevalent, I would certainly try one of these collars for my cat. We can become very uncomfortable if we see our furbaby trying to get rid of such parasites. It is not fun to see them in misery, scratching and suffering.

I am so glad Seresto has come out with such an effective product. It’s one that can prove a good solution for many pet owners.

If you have a dog, Seresto makes dog collars as well, in a couple of sizes, and these can help your animal rid himself of these pests.

I am very glad Marion Black told me about this product. I do hope this review has been helpful to other pet owners.

If you need to try one of these collars, just check on the blue link below and you will be taken to the product page on Chewy.com, where you can order it. Please note that, as a Chewy affiliate, I may make a small commission from your purchase.

Seresto Flea Collar

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

Supplier:  Chewy.com

Price:  $45.99


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