Enjoy Our Lucky Seventh Online Shopping Bazaar

Greetings, two-legged readers. It’s Lucinda the literate cat, here to bring you our lucky seventh online shopping bazaar. As you will see, this seventh bazaar is indeed a special one, as we are introducing a very important new supplier with this post.

I am surprised that my CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) is even letting me write this one, as she holds this company in such high regard. I will try to do her selections justice. We are featuring 12 remarkable product choices from the Bradford Exchange Online.

Gift Idea #1: Charles Wysocki’s “Classic Tails” Women’s Tote

Our first selection is the “Classic Tails” women’s tote, designed by American artist Charles Wysocki (1922-2002). The man wanted to be an artist from the time he was a small child. The G.I. Bill saw him through the Art Center in Los Angeles, where he majored in design and advertising. After school, he joined the staff of freelance artists at McNamara Brothers in Detroit.

In the early 6os he started working on Americana/Primitive paintings. He’s written two books, and found time to make appearances and accept awards all over the United States.

Each cat on this tote has a name: Frederick the Literate, (I wonder if he is a relative) Remington the Well-Read and Max in the Stacks.

I love these totes that are big enough to hold a small cat! The body of this bag is a printed poly twill fabric, set off beautifully by faux leather trim in a rich brown. The bag’s hardware is gold-toned.

This tote has two handles and large outer pockets. There is a top zipper closure. Inside is a small zipper pocket and two slip pockets. That gives you plenty of room to include some cat treats. The bag has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Gift Idea #1: Charles Wysocki “Classic Tails” Tote

Price: $99.95 or

3 installments of $33.32

Express Shipping Available


Gift Idea #2: “Kitchen Capers” Wall Clock by Jurgen Scholz

Next is a very practical gift with lots of cat charm. It’s a kitchen wall clock called “Kitchen Capers.: This one is by artist Jurgen Scholz, and measures approximately eight inches wide by seventeen inches high.

Jurgen Scholz is a German artist, born in 1948 in Magdeberg, Germany. Scholz has been interested in drawing animals since childhood. He has been a free-lance artist since 1979.

Scholz first drew animal illustrations, detailed from nature. Then he began to develop his own style, tempered with his sense of humor. This clock demonstrates that he’s developed a winning mode of expression.

I could imagine being a kitten hanging from the pendulum of the clock. (Learned that word when figuring out how to describe this clock.) I think it would be quite fun to swing back and forth on that moving spoon.

A kitchen clock is good, as it can remind your two-legged when it’s time to feed us.

Gift Idea #2: “Kitchen Capers” Wall Clock by Jurgen ScholzKitchen wall clock; kitten art

by Jurgen Scholz

Price: $99.95 or 

3 installments of $33.33

Express Shipping Available

Gift Idea #3: “Mysticool” Women’s Cat-Themed Fleece Handbag

What craftsmanship! Made of soft black fleece with faux leather accents, this purse has cat artwork on both sides. The cat on here looks a lot like my cousin, Pogo, so I can see why my CCL likes it.

At the top the bag has both a drawstring and a snap closure; a zipper and slip pockets. It measures 14 inches at bottom by 11 inches high with a 10-inch drop.

I think it is very special that you two-leggeds like us cats so much that you buy things displaying our pictures. Perhaps in the case of this bag, it’s because of the air of mystery that comes from this artistic piece. That cat is so real-looking, you almost expect it to walk out of the bag and enter the room.

Someone you know must need this bag for Christmas!

Gift Idea #3: “Mysticool” Women’s Cat-Themed Fleece HandbagWoman's black purse; black cat art

Price: $69.95 0r

3 installments of $23.32

Express Shipping Available


Gift Idea #4: “Kitty-Kat Cute” tote by Jurgen Scholz

Here is another tote bag, this one by German artist Jurgen Scholz. It’s called “Kitty-Kat Cute.” It is quilted, with a blue printed fabric that has lighter blue trim and a paw print pattern. It comes with a golden heart charm for good luck, and has a zipper closure.

Its measurements: 17 1/2 inches wide by 13 1/2 inches wide with an 18-inch drop.

I think you will find it’s fun to carry pictures of kittens around with you. They are so cute, and if they are pictures on a tote, they are much easier to keep track of. You will get lots of admiring comments when carrying such a tote.

The bag features a top zip closure to keep your belongings safely inside. Two outside pockets add storage space, and inside there is a zippered pocket and two inside slip pockets. Order this one fast before those kittens run away.

Gift Idea #4: “Kitty-Kat Cute” tote by Jurgen ScholzBlue quilted tote w/cute kittens

Price: $79.95

or 3 installments of $26.65

Express Shipping Available


Gift Idea #5: Limited Edition J. Scholz Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Here’s another charming Jurgen Scholz creation, called “A Purrfect Christmas.” Since this is a limited edition piece, order it fast!

The tree is 10 inches tall, and LED lights scattered throughout the tree and within the star at the top will turn on at the flip of a switch.

These cats are doing what cats love to do — playing in the Christmas tree — but they will not harm the tree as real cats sometimes do. You can enjoy these kittens’ antics without worrying if your tree will be destroyed. What a lovely centerpiece for your table!

A twenty-four-hour timer can be set to turn the tree on and off at your chosen time.

Gift Idea #5: Limited Edition J. Scholz Christmas Tree CenterpieceIlluminated Christmas tree; kittens in tree

Price: $99.99

or 3 installments of $33.33

Express Shipping Available

Gift Idea #6: Floor Lamp With Kitten Art On Four Sides

I love what you two-leggeds do with lights. Though we can see quite well in the dark, there is something comforting about your lights in your house, like fake suns making the house almost as bright as daylight.

This floor lamp measures 60 inches, or 5 feet tall…about the height of my CCL. It is 11 1/2 inches square.

CCL loves this lamp. It is certainly a nice tribute to kittens. I can imagine that it is beautiful when lit by whatever magic you use to get it to light up. You call it electricity, but it seems like magic to me. I see you push the end of a cord into a place on the wall with a couple of little holes in it and then the lamp lights up. This must be magic.

Though I don’t understand these miracles, I do love what they do.

Gift Idea #6: Floor Lamp With Kitten Art On Four SidesFloor lam--tall rectangle shape, kitten art on 4 sides

Price: $159.99

or 4 installments of $40.00

Express Shipping Available

Gift Idea #7: Sophisticat Women’s Bracelet

This stretch women’s bracelet is easy to slip on a two-legged wrist. Though it would be too big for me, I know that many of you two-legged females do love jewelry, and the bracelet would probably fit you just fine.

The stretch bracelet features different kitten personalities, over 120 genuine crystals, 18K gold plating, plus colorful hand-enameling. It comes in a gift box.

There are 7 different links, each a different cute kitten. The bracelet measures seven inches long, and stretches to fit most wrists. Though you can’t wear a live cat on your wrist, you can have the next best thing with this jewelry.

Gift Idea #7: Sophisticat Women’s Braceletstretch link bracelet; 7 kittens

Price: $149.99

or available in 5 installments of $30.00

Express Shipping Available


Gift Idea #8: Kitten Sculpture With Illuminated Art Glass Torchiere

Isn’t this light lovely? These kittens are enjoying an outside garden where flowers and beautiful bugs are found. How do you two-leggeds make things that look so real? I’d love to bat at that butterfly to see if it really can’t fly away.

This piece is called “Kitten Sculpture with Illuminated Art Glass Torchiere.” I had to look up “torchiere” and found out it’s a lamp with a bowl-shaped part that directs light upward. It would be so sweet in a bedroom at night.

The lamp stands over 16 inches high, and the two elegant tulip-shaped bowls are held in place by sculpted leaves and stems. What a visual treat!

The base is a mahogany finish. Two C7 CFL light bulbs add soft illumination. This is a limited edition piece, so act fast if you want one.

Though I, being a cat, do not understand how you build these marvels, I am happy to be able to enjoy them. We cats have no possessions except for a few toys, but that is good — you two-leggeds have enough for yourselves and us, too.

Gift Idea #8: Kitten Sculpture with Illuminated Art Glass TorchiereKittens in garden; illuminated torchiere

Price: $135.00

or 3 installments of $45.00

Express Shipping Available

Gift Idea #9: “Cats Leave Paw-Prints On Our Hearts” Music Box

This treasure features the artwork of Kayomi Harai. This lady was born in far-off Osaka, Japan. She is self-taught and loves painting animals. She did a nice job on the painting used on the top of this box.

Another bit of magic occurs when you open this box. When you wind up the box with the key inside, it plays “You Are My Sunshine.” How exciting, to have music trapped in this box. The box is very nice, but when it contains music, then it’s special. Now, how did you capture that music in there?

The handcrafted box with a rich mahogany finish includes a silver frame around the picture and silver ball feet. The box measures four inches wide by six inches long and two inches high. It has a lock and removable key so you can keep your belongings safe.

Now, if this box were filled with kitty treats that I could enjoy regularly, I’d like it even better. 

Gift Idea #9: “Cats Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts” Music Boxmusic box with kittens in basket

Price: $49.99

or 2 installments of $25.00

Gift Idea #10: Jurgen Scholz Kitten Art Flameless Candle Set

No, they are not real candles, but are made to look like candles. Instead, this set of three handcrafted wax-like candles have LED lights inside that illuminate the kitten art on the sides.

These lights are designed in three different heights so they look purrfect alone or in a group. They rest on bronze-toned removable stands. A remote control allows you to turn them off and on easily, and a timer can set them for six hours of light.

Light is important this time of year, when it gets dark so early. It’s good to have inside lights to keep your home looking cheerful, even in bad weather.

However you two-leggeds manage to make these marvelous objects, I don’t know, but I do hope you will continue. Though a cat can’t make these himself, he can enjoy them when you bring them home.

Gift Idea #10: Jurgen Scholz Kitten Art Flameless Candle Set3 flameless candles w/kitten pictures

Price: $99.99

or 3 installments of $33.33

Express Shipping Available


Gift Idea #11: “Fairest Of Them All” Quilted Tote

This tote of soft quilted fabric shows a kitten gazing at herself in the mirror. A golden heart charm hangs from the tote handle. 

The tote has a zippered top and pink lining. It has three inner pockets, one of them with a zipper. It has tan-colored nine-inch double handles. The bag measures 14 inches wide with a 9-inch drop.

You two-leggeds are always bringing home more things. It surprises me that you can find room for everything. (Totes are good because you can put some things into them.) For sure, it is a good thing we don’t collect lots of things, because we would definitely need a bigger house.

Anyway, if you need a sweet kitten bag for some of your treasures, or for the perfect Christmas gift for someone near and dear, this bag could be just right.

Gift Idea #11: “Fairest Of Them All” Quilted ToteQuilted tote: kitten looking in mirror

Price: $69.95

or 2 installments of $34.98

Express Shipping Available

Gift Idea #12: “Pawprints On Your Heart” Women’s Wristwatch

We cats have a built-in clock that we set to match our daily routine. You two-leggeds are not so fortunate, and so you have invented clocks and watches. Here is one you can wear on your wrist. It will remind you of cats every time you look at it.

Let’s hope it reminds you of our very important times of day, like meal-time and play-time. If this watch helps you to stay on schedule, that’s so much better for us. Then we don’t have to keep reminding you.

You can see Jurgen Scholz’s cat art on the face of this watch, which has precision quartz movement (CCL says that is important) and a real leather strap.

The company expects that this watch will be much in demand for this Christmas, so order now to make sure you get one.

Gift Idea #12: “Pawprints On Your Heart” Women’s WristwatchWomen's watch; 3 kittens playing

Price: $119.99

or 4 installments of $30.00

Express Shipping Available

Please Note:  I did not add shipping charges on any of these selections.  Express shipping will be more than regular shipping.  When you order your item, you can find out the shipping costs.

These 12 items complete our lucky seven online shopping bazaar. As many of these Bradford items are limited editions and thus are not always available, you would be smart to order any that you want right away. There is still time to get them here by Christmas, and you will be sure to make a hit with any one of these items. CCL says to put her on your Christmas list, as she likes the selection, too. Remember — Order soon so you don’t miss out.

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