Do You Know The Common Signs Of A Happy Cat?

What are  common signs of a happy cat? Some of these you undoubtedly already recognize, but perhaps a few of them will reward you with new information. Look at this list of ten signs you have a happy cat, and see how many of them your cat shows you.

1) Your cat greets you, first thing in the morning or when you return from work.

Does your cat give you a warm welcome when you first get up? Is that tail upright and straight, like a furry flag? Does he show erect ears, and does he rub around your legs? Does he greet you when youGrey and white cats, tail erect return from work?

My Pogo has his own morning greeting. When I first see him in the morning, I tell him, “Good morning,” and he responds with a loud meow. I believe that one could be translated as “good morning” in cat talk.

My last cat, Carlos, always waited just inside the door when I got home. He knew just how far back on the rug to sit so the door wouldn’t hit him when it opened. He always greeted me there.

2) Does your cat talk a lot?

A vocal cat usually indicates he likes to tell you his side of things. He asks for what he wants. When Pogo comes to meow at me, I’ll get up and say, “Show me what you want,” Then he will lead me to the place that contains the answer to his meow. Quite often he meows because he wants outside. In this case, he will go directly to the door when I ask him to show me what he wants, and request to be let outside.

One of the vocalizations a cat regularly makes is the beautiful purr. Your cat learned that purr as a kitten, to let his mother know his location and that he has no problems. As the cat grows older, the purr becomes a way to show his happiness. You can often interpret purring as a sign of his contentment.

Occasionally that purr becomes a way for your cat to ease pain if he becomes sick. Even if used as a way to help healing, the sound indicates a positive attitude: “May this purr help me heal.” The purr vibrates the whole cat body, and must therefore influence his well-being.

3) He may use other positive body language

If your cat’s straight tail has a hook at the end, or if the end of the tail vibrates, these are clear signs that the cat feels especially good. Pet her now — she will be ready for it.

4) The way she sits or lies down can indicate feelings.

tortoise cat, hunkered down

A happy and relaxed cat often rests with feet under its body. She has her tail tucked in and shows half-closed eyes. The eyes indicate she does not feel threatened.

Have you seen the Kliban cat cartoon drawings? He has one labeled “How to tell a cat from a meat loaf.” In this drawing, the difference: The cat has ears.

Also, if a cat lies on his back with his feet in the air, you have another sign of a happy cat. However, stroke that exposed tummy at your own risk. Kitty may love it, or may wrap all four legs around the offending hand and try to remove it from the arm.


Orange & white cat, lying on its back
Scratch that tummy if you dare

5) Kitty has a good appetite and likes to eat.

As long as he does not overeat, having a good appetite is fine. It shows that he feels happy.

6) “Making biscuits” or kneading

This habit dates from kittenhood, when he nursed at his mother’s breast. In adulthood, this practice of pushing against a soft object indicates a happy state of mind.

Strangely, Pogo has never indulged in this behavior, for some reason unknown to me. However, Carlos used to sleep on the pillow next to me, and when he relaxed for the night, he would knead the edge of my pillow.

 I feared he might miss and knead my face because he performed his biscuit-making action right next to my head. However, he never did — he just soothed himself to sleep in this way.

7) He follows you around the house

Unless deeply involved in a nap, he might follow you from room to room, just because he likes to be close to you. He would love a cheek scratch from time to time, as he really loves such interludes.grey cat receiving chin scratches

Feel special if he follows you around, as he shows by this action that he loves you.

8) Does he love to play?

A playful cat is a happy cat, for sure. Even an older cat will play with you. Pogo liked to chase a fuzzy little ball on a string around the deck outside. You can try various toys to get your cat to play, such as a laser light or a scrunched-up piece of crinkly paper. You don’t need expensive toys.

I do have one special toy that my son gave me one Mother’s Day. It’s a long, narrow strip of multi-colored fleece fastened to a stick. The cats seem to love it. Perhaps the bright colors catch their attention. David got it for me when I had Carlos, and both he and Pogo have enjoyed it.

9) He brings you presents

Oh, yes, perhaps you do not want his gifts, but at least act as if you are pleased. He has brought you something he values, such as a dead mouse, and he gives this special gift to you because he loves

White & black kitten carrying mouse
I bring you valuable gift


you. He may have worked hard to catch that mouse, and to give it to you shows his love and trust. 

I always thank my cats for their presents, and wait until they leave the scene, then wrap up his offering and find a suitable disposal spot. The cat most likely thinks I like to use such a present to make mouse-meat tacos.

10) He feels good

You must make sure your cat gets all he needs to stay healthy. When he feels good, his happiness will shine, just as it does for us when we feel really good. If healthy, we and our cats can feel like we are on the top of the world. Life couldn’t get much better.

What a great reward to know we have a happy cat! If we make it our goal to see that the cat remains happy, we will do so by giving him the best care we can, and by making sure the cat knows that we love him.

A happy person and a happy cat form an unbeatable combination.

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  1. I’m glad to know that Gracie, who moved in with us two weeks ago is happy. She does everything mentioned except bringing a present and I hope she does’t do that since she is a house cat.

    • Glad she shows all the signs of being a happy cat. Of course, she could still bring you a present, if she comes across a vole who has managed to get in your house. After all, part of the job description of a house cat is that it will find and eliminate all vermin in your house. That is a good thing.


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