Contemporary Cat Trees Contribute to Your Cat’s Well-Being

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Your cantankerous cat lady has some things to show you today.  We are going to look at some contemporary cat trees, items that will prove very useful for those of you who insist on keeping your cats inside.  These innovative items are ideal for city cats, where outside safety is far from guaranteed.  They are also especially useful for any cat who is inside for long periods of time.

If you share your home with a cat, you can create a tree of your own design.  Perhaps you are a little short of funds, but you have good carpentry skills.  If you are a clever carpenter, or even a relative beginner, you can build a tree yourself.  There are several sites online offering complete building instructions for the do-it-yourselfers.  Go to your favorite search engine and check them out.


If you are like me, and don’t have the time, tools, or know-how to build your own, you can purchase a fine one, ready-made.  In this review, you will get a look at several styles, and may find one that fits your needs exactly.


Cat trees give a place for cats to climb, play, and take his many cat naps. The tree gives the cat more chances to scratch.  The animal needs to scratch to remove dead outer layers from his claws.  He also scratches to mark his territory, an instinctual action.

Your cat enjoys observing the house activity from a high perch.  Again, instinct is at work here.  This behavior helps the cat to protect himself, as potential dangers can be spotted and avoided.  The hunter cats who were your pet’s ancestors used such high places to stay safe from predators.

In a multi-cat household, the cat tree allows the cat to increase territory.  A social hierarchy is established by occupying spaces at different levels.  The tree can also provide a sense of security in timid cats.

The tree will encourage your cat to climb and play, thus giving him necessary exercise.  Such activity is especially important for the cat who is always inside.As you might recall, the name of this website is “The Literate Cat.”   Climbing on the tree helps the cat to stay sharp mentally, a necessity for a literate cat.  This activity also enhances his health. While the cat enjoys his tree, he provides entertainment for himself and for you, as you watch his antics.


Cat furniture can be selected to complement or coordinate your home’s decor, as there are a wide variety of styles and materials available to choose from.  Also, your tree can be expandable.  Start with one small piece, and then build your system over time as you can afford to add on.  You can order additional components to expand the cat tree structure.

Now let’s look at some cat trees that might strike your fancy.  I have selected five to show you here, with a variety of prices and styles.  Perhaps you will find just the one you are looking for.

16-inch raised round bed covered with carpet
16-inch sleep tub

1.  The Sleep Tub

Price:  $76.49 plus free shipping

Custom-made in 10 to 15 business days

Many color options; can include catnip mice

Leg covering is carpet or sisal (add $17.50 for sisal)

Measurements:  24″ tall with a 16″ sleep tub

The large 20″ x 20″ base is overbuilt to withstand direct jumping off and on; it is wobble-free

No tools needed

This tub is made of solid wood, not paper tubing.  The plush carpeting comes in a variety of colors.  There are ten to choose from.  No tools are required, as it is very simple to assemble.

2.  The Kitty Hollow Cat Tree
Kitty Hollow Cat Tree

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Price depends on size.  A 33″ tree is $331.49  For a 48″ tree, add $180.  For a 63″ tree, add $360
Free shipping

    Custom-made in 10 to 15 business days

Twelve-inch diameter log.  The 63″ comes with base and top that are 24″ x 24

The 48″ and 33″ logs have a base and top area that are 20″ x 20″

Colors are factory selected:  brown base, beige trunk, and green leaf and top

Has a secret entrance located in the back of the tree, at the base.

Small portion of outside shelf is inside the trunk, for easy climbing

Top has rolled edge on three sides to snuggle against.  There is no exit hole on the top.

Assembly is required

3.  Cat’s Choice Spiral TreeCat's spiral tree, black & white cat in bed at top

     Price:  $119.99; free shipping

Custom-made in 3 to 5 business days

Comes in beige or brown and has a four to five-minute easy assembly; made in the USA

Crafted from solid wood, plush household grade carpet and sonic tubes

Floor to bottom of lowest step — 8.5″ high

Floor to bottom of second lowest step — 16.5″ high

Floor to bottom of top shelf — 25″ high

Floor to bottom of top circular perch — 33″ high

Top perch is 17″ wide by 4″ deep; steps are 20″ wide x 9″ deep

Carpet color and shades vary

4.  Two-tier 34 Cat Tree

two-tier cat tree, round bed at bottom; bed at top
Two-tier 34 Cat Tree

     Price:  $134.99 plus 59.00 shipping

Custom-made in 7 to 14 business days

37″ tall with a cradle and a lounging tunnel

21″ x 21″ base ensures stability

Staggered tiers and platforms for easy climbing

Four inch solid untreated heart of pine core posts

Six inch zinc lag bolts for secure anchoring

Several colors available.  When ordering, select first and second choice

If you want a solid color unit, please choose the same color for all selections

You may also choose two feet of sisal rope wound around one of the pads on your unit

Minor assembly required 

I do hope you will consider getting a tree for your cat, if you do not have one already.  It is a lot of fun watching a cat or two playing on one of these trees.  You will enjoy it, and the cat will love it.  You will provide such a fine place for the cat to scratch that you may have no further problem with furniture-scratching. You will be giving him a place inside the house to get the exercise he needs.  Take it from your cantankerous cat lady — a cat tree is a force for good.

Disclosure:  I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content FREE of charge.  To compensate me for my time, when you click links and purchase items, I usually receive a referral commission.


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  1. Nice informative article. I’m not a cat person, but often wondered if cats really used those trees you see in pet stores.!

    • Yvette, thanks for your comment. Yes, they do use the trees. They love them! They are natural acrobats, and they like to climb and be up high. This is especially true of cats that are kept indoors. I have friends who have a couple of cats that they keep inside because they live in a wild area with lots of predators, and they don’t want their fur babies to be eaten. Their cats use the cat tree all the time.


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