Would Kitty Love A Felted Wool Cat Cave?

black cat with glasses reading bookI am totally in love with the “cat caves” that are becoming so popular. A felted wool cat cave is a warm, dark hideaway for a kitty. It is the perfect alternative to a cardboard box, something a cat finds most intriguing, and which he has to try to fit into, no matter how small.

We all know that cats love boxes, large and small. Here they can have something even better — a small, cozy cave, just their size. I plan to buy two of them for my kitty, so I can put them in two different rooms. I am sure Kitty will be very pleased.

There are instructions online for making one of these beds yourself. You can find a set of complete instructions if you go to https://feltmagnet.com/textiles-sewing. Scroll down until you see the cat cave picture and the title, How to Make a Wet Felted Cat/Kitten Cave/ a Free Tutorial.

Wool cat caves give kitty a dark, warm, soft place for him to enjoy. Not only is it comfortable, but there are proven scientific benefits.

First, you know your cat will enjoy climbing in that dark space to explore.

The cave seems to provide a cat’s need for a secure space. A study from Applied Animal Behavioral Science found that hiding in a box reduces a cat’s stress levels.

Since wool fibers contain tiny cells that absorb moisture and wick it away, it will feel dry even if your pet has wet it. He will still be comfortable until you have a chance to clean the bed. Wash it with soap and water, but don’t put it in the washing machine. The shape could become distorted.

The wool fiber cuticles also make the bed warm, so when it gets colder, it will trap moisture and then start producing heat. Then, as the temperature rises, the wool cuticles expand. 

This expansion releases trapped moisture and allows cool air to flow through the wool fiber. Thus, the bed is ideal in any temperature.

This cave may well become your cat’s favorite sleeping spot. You may find it easier to keep him out of unwanted spots, such as your clean laundry.

If the cat sleeps on top of the cave, once he moves off it, you can reshape the cave by running your hand around inside it and return it to its original shape.

The cat cave will collect the cat hair, and if your cat is a big shedder, this feature is valuable. You can remove cat hair and debris from the cave by vacuuming the bed and wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Many cats seem naturally attracted to wool. Though animal behaviorists are not sure why, they believe it may be the lanolin in the wool. Cats love the scent of this natural oil, perhaps because it reminds them of their mother, or perhaps because it is an animal byproduct.

Because the lanolin gives the wool antimicrobial and antifungal properties, the cat cave will be resistant to bacteria and other microbes.

This information came from a post from www.twincritters.com. This site was founded by twin brothers who have a passion for providing save and natural pet products.

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14 thoughts on “Would Kitty Love A Felted Wool Cat Cave?”

  1. the information about either kitty will love a felted wool cat cave is a good information, that is of most importance to my brother. He so much loves cat as pet more than as I do. Seen that wool provides more comfortability for kitties,i think I am interested and so also my brother will be interested.i will really want to know how to use wool to make cat cave

    • The directions for making them in the article I suggested are quite complete.  If you make felted wool items, I’d think it would be fun to make a cat cave.

  2. Hi,

    These cat caves sound great, I want one myself, for me! :-)) 

    I’m sure that any cat would appreciate them as an alternate to a plain cardboard box. Providing your cat or any pet with a safe, warm environment where they feel comfortable can only benefit them and in turn , keep their owner happy too.

    This article includes all relevant information with a good variety of cat caves to consider buying.

    • Yes, a person-sized one would be rather nice when you wanted a warm, cozy place to hide away from the world.  

      Granted, a cardboard box is another cat favorite, but I think this cat cave might rank in first place to the cat.

  3. I love cat caves. I don’t have a cat though. I have a Yorkshire Terrier, and he loves these 🙂 He’s just the right size and since I have a rather large Doberman, his cat cave is the only place he can to to get away from her haha!! It’s always great that they can be wipe cleaned although I would much prefer machine washable ones… still. Once my Dobe has stood on it it’s easily pushed back into shape and my wee Yorkie can get back in and have a wee sleep. Great stuff 🙂

    • Oh, yes, I can see how they would be great for a small dog as well as a cat.  I have two ordered, and am looking forward to their arrival.  What a great idea someone had when they started making those.

  4. It’s very good to have a such a good cat caves. Having a soft wool cat cave is better than those iron caves normally met for dogs. Indeed cat love boxes. There was a day I look for my neighbours cat almost the whole day searching for it and I eventually see the cat inside a box of which I was surprise. Anyway thanks for dropping the link on where to buy a good cat caves.

    • Yes, Chris, I agree — these cat caves are good things.  All cats like small spaces they can squeeze into, and sometimes are very comical when they try to fit in something too small.  These cat caves fill the bill — they are warm and dark and enclosing…perfect for a cat for hiding and sleeping.

  5. The Literate Cat is an awesome site. All the graphics and info about cats look very professionally done. I love animals but don’t have any. Cats are my least favorite but I appreciate them. All I have seen all my life is stray cats. I appreciate how they keep the neighborhood mice free.

    Anyway, I didn’t know you could bathe a cat. I didn’t know cats should have their teeth brushed. The picture of the cat brushing his/her teeth cracked me up!

    My best friend had a white Persian Cat and detangling her hair was a challenge. The video with the Cat Song truly hilarious!

    I am not a cat lover but I learned so much about them here. I also love to sew and do arts & Crafts and making that cozy cave I might do for my neighbors’ with cats.

    Not too sure but there is a sentence with the letter greeting: dear Mrs. Wilkins ….. I think the D should be capital. Minor but I noticed. That was a very informative site and I am going to share that with my neighbors.

    • Thanks for your comment.  I believe that your neighbor’s cat would really appreciate a wool cat cave.  I think they are one of the sweetest things made for cats in a long time.

      And, thanks for telling me about the “D.”

  6. I had no idea such a product even existed! Really neat!

    Dizzy goes absolutely wild over boxes coming into the home. Matter of fact, I threw away 3 just this morning while doing routine cleaning. My hubby was tired of walking around them, hah! Although I must admit, it had gotten entirely tiresome for me as well. Our kiddo likes to place things in the most inconvenient spots for her humans – but of course!

    Wool cat caves – who would’ve thunk it?

    • I think they are wonderful, too. I just ordered two for my cat. Wouldn’t it be neat if they made such a thing large enough for people, too? They just look like the best place to cuddle for a kitty.

      • How do your cats like them? 🙂 I completely agree, this looks like the perfect cuddle spot. They remind me a bit of those hanging chairs for people, the pod style ones. It would be neat if they had these for people! ♥ Have a beautiful day, Fran!

        • Thanks for your comment. Well, I have a cat again after a year and a half without one. He’s just been here for two weeks now. I got him two of the cat beds because I know this cat likes dark corners to sleep in. However, so far all he’s done is to go in them, turn around, and come back out. He’s such a timid cat that I think he just feels a little trapped inside them. I believe he will use them in time. I know my last cat, who was afraid of nothing, probably would have gotten in one and camped for a couple of hours.


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