Why Do People Love Cats?

silhouette of black catI answer a lot of questions on Quora. One I’ve seen lately is “Why do people love cats?” Instead of

answering on Quora, I have written this post, which will tell you why I love cats.

Well, first of all, they are cute and attractive animals. Their pointy ears and floating tail; their soft fur cheeks that they like to have scratched; their dainty paws hiding sharp claws; their lovely fur coat –these are some of the features that I feel add to a cat’s cuteness.

Their fur is so soft. My present cat is a fine example. His coat is incredibly soft, and he smells good, too. I love to bury my nose in his fur, as he has such a clean smell.

I do love dogs as well, and have had a couple who were very special. However, I do not like the smell of dogs. I have been in too many households where the whole residence smelled like dog. Not pleasant, to my way of thinking.

Of course, if one has a cat and doesn’t clean that litter box with great regularity, the house might smell really bad. However, I have found that, as long as I keep the litter box clean, there is no odor.

The cat’s purr is soothing and healing. A purr can elevate your mood and help you relax. If you are feeling a littlecat head-butting child under the weather, that purr can calm you and help the healing begin.

The cat is small enough to carry, but big enough to be independent. A dog needs to be taken for a walk every day, but a cat can walk or run and hunt all by himself.

Of course, if you live in the city, you might train your cat to walk with a harness and a leash, if you have time and patience. The cat will learn, and you could enjoy going for a walk occasionally with the cat.

Cats love to play, and they can interact with you while playing, which can be enjoyable for you both. In Kodiak, I lived in a 70-foot trailer with a long hall. My cat would chase a laser light up and down that hallway for as long as I’d shine it for him.

Cats are very smart. They are problem solvers. We put four gates in my six-foot tall fence around the yard. Our first gates were temporary; pieces of plywood hinged on the supports.

However, these temporary gates were varying heights, and didn’t quite reach the six-foot fence-top. My cat decided he wanted out of the yard, so he circled it a couple times, looking at the tops of those gates.

I love my catHe determined that the front gate was the shortest (It might have been a foot shorter than the fence) so he backed up a good distance and got a running start for that gate.

His jump took him up about four feet, and he clawed his way to the top, tipped forward, and over he went. I watched this whole process from the window, and was amazed at this example of deductive reasoning.

Cats can do the craziest things. One of their antics can bring laughter to the darkest day. And, as we know, laughter is often the best medicine.

If you have a rodent problem, the cat will clean out the invaders in your house. In fact, once a cat moves in and marks the whole place with his scent, no smart mouse will venture near. They know that smell, and it terrifies them.

Cats are pretty good with bugs, too. My cats have always liked to clear the window of flies, for example. In summer on Spruce Island, I used to get lots of horse flies in the kitchen. If I held the cat up close to the window, he’d grab them with his front paws and (ugh!) eat them.

Not my idea of a good snack, but he took care of the fly problem.

I love having the cat sleep with me at night. Not just because he is cuddly, soft, and purring, but also I consider himcat sleeping with person my early warning signal if there is a dangerous situation afoot.

If I hear an unexplained noise at night, I just look at the cat. If he is sleeping peacefully, I, too, go back to sleep. However, if he is awake and alert, then I investigate further to make sure all is well.

Cats are full of surprises. Some of their innovative ideas will keep you on your toes. For example, they can often open cupboard doors, and as they are nosy, they look inside and investigate the cupboard’s contents. It is worthwhile to cat proof the contents to insure there are no cat-caused catastrophes.

I live alone, but with my cat for a companion, I never feel lonely. We interact a lot; we talk to each other and play together. Even when he is in the room asleep (as he is right now) it is sweet just to know he is there.

He is very affectionate and comes to me often to get a scratch or a pet. He likes to sit on someone’s lap if a movie is playing. My friends who took care of him while I was on vacation insist that he has a crush on Sandra Bullock.

Best of all, the cat loves unconditionally. How many of the people in your life give you the same? Or do they say, “I will quote about cat lovelove you as long as you behave in this way, or don’t do such-and-such.”

Not the cat — If you have wronged him, he will forgive you. Treat him well and don’t indulge in cruelty, and the cat will give you his loyalty and his love. He adds no conditions — he simply loves you.

I for one am glad to give him love in return, because I consider him a gift that makes my life so much better and happier.

I probably forgot some things. If you, too, love your cat and can think of reasons why, other than the ones I have listed, I’d love it if you would add them in the comment section below this post.

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  1. Cats are beautiful blessing of nature to us and often times, we cannot do without them, for people who gave cats. They are very beautiful and friendly. Often times, I wonder the reason I love cats but I dont know the answers to give,I just love them purely. As adorable as they are, they also exhibit some traits that make them somewhat annoying a bit but then, they are always cute and friendly. I love my cat around me and he always try to disturb me with love almost everytime. But then, they also mark their space and territory sometimes too. Great one

    • Cats are blessings, but they can also do some very annoying things.  However, so can other people.  You can’t stay mad at a cat as it is too cute.  

      My cat is a wonderful companion and friend. He insures that I am never lonely or bored.  He keeps me entertained and loves to cuddle.  What’s not to like?  I’m so glad cats are here for us to enjoy and appreciate.

  2. We have cats too. two of them. The older one Dixy and younger one Pixy. The older was brought from our daughter her friend, and the younger one we adopted after showed up on our terrace, week, small, young and undernourished. We took the cat, brought to the veterinarian, and gave Pixy a home. Dixie didn’t accept it for about three months, but now they sleep together. It all happened four years ago. Dixie is “tiger type”, Pixie is white with some brown points.
    Dixie is kind of a “rebel”, likes to go out a lot, Pixie is more a “domestic” cat. Also, like the warmth a loth. It is great to see different characters of the cats as well. 

    We love them a lot. My wife especially. But,I like dogs as well.

    However, once you get to know cats better, you can’t go on without loving them. Very clever, clean and dear animals.

    I am glad we have our cats!

    Thanks for the article.

    Best regards,

    • Cats are original.  No telling what they will be up to next.  It’s good to get to know them, because then  you see all the nuances of their personality.  

      It’s a mark in your favor that you gave those cats plenty of time to get to accept each other.  The original cat saw the house as its territory, and had to accept your cat in order to share.  Now that they get along well, they can be a great comfort to each other.  Good for you for being patient.

      I’m glad you love your kitties — they deserve that.

  3. Hello Fran!

    I cannot call myself a real cat or dog lover, but I had such pets in the past and although I live alone in my house, it is not rarely that I dream about my former animals in my sleep. So their remembrance stayed deep in my soul somehow.

    My mother had twelve cats in her house during a certain period, she is a real “cat loving” person. But as known, cats and generally pets can be very useful to lonely people, of course if such people open their heart towards this direction.

    Also, I like the way you talk about the purr – yes, that one is a beautiful reason for wanting to have a cat.

    Wish you joyful moments in the company of your beloved cat!

    • Thank you for your comment.  Yes, cats can bring many joyful moments. and can also get you thinking, as you try to figure out what they are trying to tell you.  They make you laugh, which is a very good thing.  They are so unpredictable — no telling what crazy thing they will do next.

  4. I remembered  the first day I brought in my cat it was very scary to me  at first I had a thought of why would I prefer this little ugly thing to dog???but I was totally wrong  it’s just a happiness  giver anytime am down we both got ourselves  Its my companion  day and night sometimes it listen to me and most of it all its ver colourful with a long furs I dont feel cold with it and also I dont have a single  rodents no more in my house isn’t this great if I have my way am gonna get one more thanks alot for the post about my best pet

    • Funny — that you thought it ugly at first.  I think cats are beautiful.  Maybe their appearance grows on you. I am glad you have discovered that a cat can be such a good friend.  I live alone, and the cat is such a great companion.  Glad you have bonded with your cat.

  5. Thanks for this article about cats because me too I have a cat and I love it very much because of the following reasons. A cat is so friendly that is to say when am stressed I have one friend at that time because it comforts me by sleeping near me, it is also for security purposes at my home because whenever something is not right, it’s the first to take action by moving around the house which something amazing. Thanks for the article 

    • You are so welcome.  They are great for stress relief, aren’t they?  They are so soft and cuddly and loving, especially when they sense you don’t feel well.  Yes, when you have a cat that you have bonded with you know you will always have one friend.

  6. Hi 

    To be sincere I am not really a fan of cats but,I see them every day they are very adorable and slik animals and also they are fun to have around.

    i have some experience with cats I one’s had a neighbour who left her child to get something before she came back in,her cat wat fight of a small snake that entered into the house.so these animals are very nice and are worth celebrating thanks for getting this for the public it would help us appropriate cats more .

    • That was fortunate that the cat was able to take care of that snake.  That’s how they came to be domesticated in Egypt.  They killed so many harmful critters; vermin that destroyed the food supply or critters that got in the house and could actually hurt you.  I, too, would be happy for a cat if my house were infested with unwanted critters.  The cat is a great protector.

  7. Wow I am a big fan of cats I even have my pet cat I call her Sindy,I have alot of experience with cats they are one of the best animals to have as a pet,there have amazing body,sharp hidden claws. Another feature I love about the cats is I tail although  it shape and length variesby species,mine has a long slender tail Wow there is so much to talk about when it come to cat cause try are nice and worth celebrating.

    • Yes, they are worth celebrating — hence my website name.  Thanks for that comment.  

      Cats are incredible little beings.  Each is different, and it seems you learn some new cat thing with each new cat that becomes your companion.  I love the purr.  It is such a soothing sound.

      Do come back and visit again.  You will learn a lot about cats.

  8. I once tried to train my cat to walk with a harness and leash, but she didn’t like it much and I gave up. I agree with you that cats are much more self-sufficient and easier to maintain than dogs. I have said for years (to people who hate cats) that they truly are SO therapeutic… dogs can be just as well, however, cats have a peaceful vibe about them that brings such a relaxing feel over my body. 

    I have lived alone with only my animals before as well (I have a dog and a cat) and I can’t even imagine how lonely I would have felt if it wouldn’t have been for them. 

    • Well, you have learned that cats can be stubborn if they don’t like something.  Leash training is not easy, as you have to have a lot of patience.  I tried to leash train two big cats, brothers, before we came to Alaska.  One cat could perform a Houdini maneuver that would get him out of the harness completely.  The other cat would just lie down — I could drag him anywhere.  I, too, gave up.  We camped on the way to Alaska; let the cats out for a time to hunt; they came back fairly promptly, and we had no problems.

      Yes, indeed, they do stave off loneliness.

      Thanks so much for commenting!


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