Visit Lucinda’s Third Online Shopping Bazaar

Hello, two-legged readers. It’s Lucinda the literate cat with the third in my series of pre-Christmas bazaars. I hope you find some offerings in here that you like and that would be a perfect gift for someone on your list.

Gift Number 1: Rainbow Cat Chaser

My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) gave Pogo and me one of these that belonged to Carlos, her last cat. How I love to play with it! CCL is very good at getting the toy to give the illusion of something alive. She can drag it along the floor so it wiggles like a colorful snake, and we can’t wait to pounce on it.

Or, she will twirl it in the air so it looks like some large, colorful bird or insect. We go crazy with delight as we try to grab it.

This toy is so inexpensive that I think any cat owner could afford to get one for their cat. I am sure the cat will love it.

Gift Number 1: Rainbow Cat Chaser

by Cat Dancer

Polycarbonate wand; 4 feet of very colorful fabric


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Gift Number 2: Rainbow Cat Woman’s Gloves

In keeping with the rainbow theme, here’s a very fine winter gift for one of you lady two-leggeds. Do your hands get cold in this winter season? If so, you need these to keep your hands warm.

The gloves are 100% microsuede finish. If such an item excites you, click the link and take a look. We cats are so lucky because we have permanent fur gloves that we wear at all times. That way, we won’t lose them.

However, for someone with hands that are covered only with skin, these gloves look to me like a necessary piece of apparel for you. I don’t know how you can stand to be out in the weather without covering those hands. So, if you need warm gloves, these might be just the thing.

Gift Number 2: Laurel Burch Rainbow Cat Women’s Gloves

Embroidered cat on black and red

Free Shipping


Gift Number 3: Kay Dee Four Piece Cat-Theme Kitchen Set

I know you could find these pieces very helpful to you in your kitchen. My CCL has several towels and hot pads. She also has an oven mitt, but not one with cats on it. I wonder if she would like this set for Christmas?

If you like giving useful gifts, these might be just the thing. You can use them when you are preparing your kitty’s meals, or when fixing your own dinner.

Me, I like to see cat images on things my CCL uses. It makes me feel happy to know she loves cats enough to find items with our image on them. We are indeed fine creatures.

Gift Number 3: Kay Dee Four-Piece Kitchen Set

by Kay Dee

2 terry towels, oven mitt, potholder


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Gift Number 4: Through A Cat’s Ear: 3-CD Boxed Set

Well, I am very pleased to see that at last you two-leggeds have recorded some music just for cats. Yes, we cats do like music, if it is something we can understand and respond to. This set is called “music for calming.”

These recordings are something both you and your cat can enjoy. The composer used the frequencies that cats use to communicate, plus some of the musical elements that make the composition also apply to two-leggeds.

I, for one, find them very appealing, and purr along with the music when my CCL plays them for me.

Gift Number 4: Through A Cat’s Ear: 3-CD Box Set, Music for Calming

by Bio Acoustic Research, Inc.


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Gift Number 5: X Zone Airline Approved Pet Carrier

If you are a cat person, you must realize that we cats are very territorial and do not like to change our routine. When you pull out our cat carrier, often we are sure that something unpleasant is coming. Our biggest concern is that we are going on a trip to the vet.

Sometimes you take us on a longer trip, and we travel with you in a giant bird. Whoever heard of a bird big enough that we could ride inside? But, sure enough, you two-leggeds have such a creature, and you call it an airplane.

In the old days, I’m told that we would have to ride in the cold area at the bottom of the airplane where all the luggage is carried. That is not right! We are not luggage — we are far more important than that. Then you came up with this wonderful carrier that would allow us to ride with our two-legged.

CCL’s last cat, Carlos, told me about riding inside that big bird for hours, until they arrived at the place called Juneau. That ride wasn’t too bad, Carlos said. He had the carrier with its comfy bed, and there was a window right in front, where he could look out and see the CCL, seated right there in front of him.

The second ride, he said, was in a smaller airplane-bird that went between Juneau and Gustavus, where he would live. It was a bit less pleasant, as he and his carrier were stowed on top of luggage, but he was right behind CCL and could still see her.

Though I’d rather stay home, riding in this roomy carrier with a warm bed and windows to look out would make the trip much more comfortable. I’ve heard that some cats like their carrier so much that they continue to use it as a private bedroom once they are home. At any rate, it makes the whole experience much easier on all concerned.

Gift Number 5: X Zone Airline Approved Carrier

by X-Zone Pet

Soft-sided pet travel carrier


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Gift Number 6: Choco Tent

Now, here’s an item I really like. It’s a cat teepee, cozy and warm.

I want one of those, CCL! I could be a wild Indian cat with my own little teepee, and I could guard it from any and all who tried to bother me.

Because of its shape, I am guessing that it will hold the heat well, and my warm cat body would soon have that little structure warmed to a very comfortable temperature. Besides, it’s dark in there, so it would feel secure to a little cat.

Buy me one, CCL! I’ll be a good cat!

teepee bed for cat
Choco Tent

Gift Number 6: Choco Tent

(sorry — no longer available)

by Tuft  and Paw

Dome-shaped; comfortable, durable bed

Base Diam: 24″; H: 26″; Cushion diam: 22″

Price: $249.00 with flat-rate shipping options


tuna cat treats
Tuna Cat Treats

Bonus Gift: Whisker Lickin’s Tuna Flavor

Crunchy and yummy cat treats

Ten-ounce bag

Price: $4.05


Here is this week’s Chewy special:  tuna-flavor cat treats.  If your cat likes tuna, he should love these.  

There’s your selection for this week’s online shopping bazaar. Check back to look at the other weeks’ gift offers as you fill out your Christmas shopping list.  Tune in next Wednesday for the next bazaar. On Amazon, as with other suppliers, if you purchase one of these gifts, I will receive a small commission.  

Thanks for reading!



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