Lucinda Brings Stories About Hero Cats

Lucinda the literate cat greets you two-leggeds. After my rant last week, I decided a more positive post would be in order. So, today I will share with you a few stories about hero cats.

I truly marvel at the cat in this first story. His owner, Gwen Cooper, adopted him when he was a kitten and had to have his eyes removed because of a serious infection.

The cat’s name — Homer — fit well, as his namesake, Greek author, Homer, had been

blind white & black cat, sitting
Blind Cat

blind as well.

One night Gwen was awakened by her cat, usually easy-going, but now hissing at a burglar in her room. Homer knew the intruder didn’t belong there, and acted accordingly.

The cat jumped at the burglar and viciously scratched and bit him, causing him to flee the house. Way to go, Homer! You are a most remarkable being!

That just shows you that a disability doesn’t need to stop you from acting when action is needed. The blind cat couldn’t see, but he had all the courage he needed to take care of the situation.

Then there was Pudding, an orange Maine Coon cat who saved her owner by running for help when the owner had a diabetic seizure.Orange Maine Coon, lying down

Amy Jung had just brought the cat and one other cat home from a shelter. That night, she had the seizure. Pudding jumped on her, swatted her, and nibbled her nose to try to get Amy to wake up.

She did wake and called to her son, Ethan, who was sound asleep. Pudding ran to Ethan’s room and woke him up. He was able to help his mother.

Now, Pudding is registered as a service animal and accompanies her two-legged everywhere.

What would you do if you were 97 years old and tending your garden, and were suddenly surrounded by four pit bulls?

The dogs circled the woman and tried to lunge at her. Then her hero cat, Tiger, came on the scene. The cat distracted the dogs and then ran toward the garage, drawing

Tabby cat, sitting

hem away, and giving the lady, Sophie Thomas, time to escape.

The scared woman washed her wounds where the dogs had bitten her, and the cat came back intact. The neighbors apologized, but said the dogs were “just playing.” Well, their rules of play are not like any I’ve ever seen. Those dogs needed to be punished and then kept enclosed somewhere. You two-leggeds are very irresponsible at times.

I say call the police! Arrest those dogs! If that was playing, it needs to be declared illegal and those dogs need to go to jail!

Did you know you can adopt a cat to help you deal with high blood pressure, but when the cat saves your life, it’s a completely unexpected benefit.

Gary Rosheisen adopted the cat, Tommy, and spent some time trying to teach the cat to call 911. Then, the police received a 911 call, followed by silence.Orange cat lying down with cell phone

They went to the home to investigate. They found Mr. Rosheisen on the floor, unable to move. The cat was lying by the phone.

Tommy certainly became Gary Rosheisen’s hero. Perhaps he could learn how to call in an order for a fat steak or a large fish filet. I could see some value in that, as well.

Then there was Craig Jeeves, whose house burned down in the middle of the night. Thanks to his cat, Sally, he lived to tell the story. He was sound asleep until Sally jumped on his head and meowed in his ear, getting him up, and the two escaped.

Black cat staring intensely

Though at least eight fire crews fought the flames, the house was completely destroyed. However, thanks to Sally, she and her two-legged survived. It’s a good thing we cats don’t sleep as soundly as you do.

Claire Nelson owes her life to her cat, Rusty. Claire, a 66-year-old former nurse, was not feeling well. She thought that it was just indigestion.

Rusty, however, did not agree. He acted strange. He clawed at her legs and chest and uttered a deep, guttural meow.

Because the cat was acting so strange, Claire visited her doctor. He told her she had had a heart attack. She received a live-saving surgery. Rusty, of course, became a hero.

My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) says she saw the security camera video of this next incident. Four-year-old Jeremy was in his yard riding his bike, when the neighbor’s dog approached him, bit him violently and pulled him off his bike.

Sara, the family cat, to the rescue! The cat charged the attacker, body-slammed that dog and then chased him down the street.

Sara hurried back to the boy to check on him. He had to have 10 stitches, but drawing: cat chasing dogrecovered nicely, thanks to Sara and her heroic action.

The dog was later put down, as he was considered dangerous. I guess so! Too bad those pit bulls weren’t considered dangerous. It’s a good thing the cat observed what happened and rushed into action.

These cats are all just being cats, and doing what they can do. Many cats feel a duty to their families to try to protect them from harm when possible. There are many more stories like these. Don’t you wish you knew more about us cats and what we are capable of?

I would guess that you two-leggeds, smart though you are, still have things to learn about us cats.

It seems to me we could be of valuable service to you two-leggeds if you could put us in a trouble-shooting role of some kind.

Perhaps we could inspect gas lines for possible leaks. Maybe we could be trained as the first line of defense in people’s homes, protecting you from all sorts of dangers.

Actually many of us are in a defense role, whether our two-leggeds know it or not. We are here to protect whenever we can.

Our heightened senses could save you from many disasters. If you accept us into your homes we are happy to help. Just call on us — We’ll answer, (in cat, of course) “At your service, friend!”