Learn More About The Personality Traits Of A Cat

Cats each have their own personalities, just as humans do. While specific breeds tend to have similar characteristics, another breed of cat may show the same behavior patterns. A lot depends on how you interact with them. So, let’s take a look at the personality traits of a cat as related to their breed.

In this post, I will give examples of breeds that may have an abundance of certain traits. These include chatty cats, affectionate animals, and cats who most love to play.

Just remember, these distinctions can all appear in any cat, as its individual background and development may lead in that direction. However, you will be more apt to find some characteristics in one breed as compared to another.

I will include only three different breeds in each category. Don’t feel that you will miss out on these traits if you do not have a cat from this list. These are only examples that researchers find of cats who tend to have this characteristic in abundance.

The Chatty Cat

Let’s look first at the chatty cat. Do you have one of these? Some cats really prefer to communicate more vocally. If you like sound because you feel it’s too quiet in your house, one of these three breeds would serve you well.

SiameseSeal point Siamese, lying down

I’ve always believed the Siamese filled the description of the most chatty cat. My Maxine certainly did. If you know Siamese well, you know they have quite a repertoire of sounds they can produce.

They can start talking first thing in the morning and continue all day, if they do not get what they want. I sometimes believe they “talk” just to hear their own voice.

They’re like that lady in your neighborhood who yaks the day long. One time when I had guests visiting, I called from work to see how their day had been. While talking to them, I could hear Maxine in the background, chatting away.

Once, I headed to Kodiak from my homestead on Spruce Island. I’d be gone for some time, so wanted to take Maxine with me. She didn’t want to ride in the skiff, so she hid. My mattress rested on a large box built to hold it. The box had a hole in one end. Maxine crawled in there and I couldn’t get her out, so left without her.

When my caretaker, Greg, went in the house, Maxine had come out of hiding. Per my instructions, he loaded her in her carrier, put her on his bike, and took her to Ouzinkie, the one village on our little island.

There, he put her on the mail plane headed for Kodiak. A friend who traveled on that plane told me she’d meowed for the whole flight to town. When I got her and the carrier from the then-deserted plane, she was still meowing!

For this chatty cat, you’d do well to get her a friend cat to socialize with. Also, try to keep her busy with toys — anything to occupy the cat so she will forget about talking for a while.

BengalFull pic of Bengal cat, showing rosettes & stripes

The lovely Bengal has the distinction of being the only domestic breed with rosettes looking like the markings of a leopard. The Bengal also carries the reputation of being very friendly, intelligent, and playful. Choose a Bengal if you need a watchcat, as this feline will be happy to take on that role.

Bengals aim to be the watchcats of the world. If a stranger passes by close to your house, the cat will meow. Also, if you have guests, the cat will be sure to announce their presence. The loud meow will let you know you have visitors.

Cat puzzles and interactive toys might help keep your Bengal a bit quieter.

Turkish VanWhite with fluffy orange tail Turkish V

These cats originate in the Lake Van region of Turkey. I’ve thought them extra-special, because they love to play in water, and are excellent swimmers.

The Turkish Van cat, one of the most talkative breeds, has a melodic voice. Though the cat might carry on long conversations during the day, at night he loves to snuggle with you in bed. That’s good — at least he doesn’t talk to you all night!

These easy-going cats may have one blue eye and one amber-colored one. It makes you wonder if it causes them to see the world in a different way.

Most Affectionate Cats

Cats on this list tend to have a temperament that makes them affectionate. Please realize that though these choices have a natural tendency toward a loving nature, a lot of their development, as with other breeds as well, depends on their owners. If you spend a lot of time with the animal, you can help to bring out this quality of affection.

Play with the cat, show that you want to bond with them, and give them a reason to respond. Once the cat bonds with you, he should demonstrate his bonding by offering affection and being willing to cuddle.

That being said, here are three choices for you to consider:

BirmanBirman, sitting, white body; grey tail and face

This long-haired, blue-eyed cat has become known for its silky coat. You can make him happy with a good petting session, as he loves it.

This cat has become known as one of the most affectionate cat breeds around. He doesn’t just love people, but will do well with other pets. He might even cuddle up to the family dog.

Cornish RexGrey and white curly-haired Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex has a unique wavy coat that he will love to have you enjoy stroking. Put him on your lap and he will enjoy that as well.

In fact, if you want an affectionate cat that likes to snuggle under the covers of the bed, you might decide to welcome this cat into your home. An added benefit: The Cornish Rex has such an outgoing nature he has a reputation for making a great therapy cat.

PersianHead & shoulders, grey Persian cat

The Persian looks dramatic, but has a personality that makes him a great lap cat. The Persian cat has a nature that is relaxed and companionable.

Though you will need to spend regular time grooming that long coat, you will not find the cat a problem in other areas. Emotionally, the Persian proves to be pretty low maintenance.

Give this loving breed a comfy place in a warm home. Give him lots of petting, and you will find he becomes your best feline friend.

Most Playful Cats

Though most cats like to play, and as this activity provides value to the cat, they should be encouraged to do so. Some breeds of cats keep their kitten-like love of playing throughout their life.

Be prepared — the high energy habits and antics can wear you out. If you, too, have a lot of energy, a cat who loves to play would prove a good choice.

If you don’t have the energy to keep up with such a cat, provide ways to keep your furry friend busy and entertained. His environment needs to stimulate him, so equip your house with elaborate cat trees, interactive toys he can play with by himself, and a lot of scratchers for those important cat tools.

For playful breeds, check out these three:

American CurlGrey & black striped American Curl cat

This cat’s ears and a permanently surprised expression announce the presence of the American Curl. This cat ranks among the most mischievous of the playful cat breeds. Watch out! They can often open doors, and they often love to play a game of fetch.

Even as they mature, these cats go through spells when they become “crazy cats,” giving you a lot of good laughs. They live up to the curious cat reputation of the feline, and may get into things when you look the other way.

These animals fit the family well, as they show a great deal of affection. They tend toward loyalty and get along with a variety of people and pets.

AbyssinianBrown Abyssinian cat, striding

The Abyssinian has a reputation as having a playful attitude and an active mind. They can play the clown and have an incredible energy level. Carolyn Osier, who wrote a definitive book on the Abyssinian, describes them as “one of the most intelligent animals ever created.”

These animals become fantastic family cats, bonding strongly with their people. They like to involve themselves in the day-to-day activities of the household.

Egyptian MauGrey, black spots, Egyptian Mau

This cat comes with a long history, as it became one of the first breeds developed. Their markings and gait are reminiscent of a wild cat, with their vibrant spots and Cheetah-style walk.

The Egyptian Mau also has the muscular, sinewy form of a true hunter. Hopefully, he will only be hunting a toy mouse instead of a meal.

Unlike other playful breeds, the Mau does not display a hyperactive nature. Nonetheless, they tend to form strong bonds with their humans.

Because of their surprising athleticism, they have a keen sense of agility. If you wish to find a cat that will play and that you can train, look no further. If you wish to train a cat for an agility show, try the Egyptian Mau.


Remember that each cat is unique. Learn your cat’s play style, and then match it with your own. If you have found a cat that you love, interact with him to find out what he likes to do.

Each cat can give you a satisfying experience as a cat owner if you spend quality time with him. Help him to fulfill his capabilities. You and your cat will then have a strong, loving bond.

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