How Can You Return Your Cat’s Unconditional Love?

Cats show affection in different ways than humans. It will help you to learn their own unique signals which indicate trust and fondness. Observe your cat and look at the hints below. These may tell you what to watch for from your cat and can give suggestions on returning kitty affection.

Defining Unconditional Love

My cat is my valentine

First of all, what is unconditional love? It is defined as “showing love for another without considering how you will benefit or what you will get in return.” It involves caring about the happiness of another with no thought of self-benefits. You may find rewards just because such actions are aligned to the brain’s reward system.

It becomes important for one who wishes to extend unconditional love to feel secure that the one loved won’t abandon you on a whim. You have a need to know that the other has a commitment to love you, no matter what the future brings.

Become Your Best Self

Unconditional love involves the expression of your kindest self. No strings attached — because of mutual respect and being attentive and attuned, you can honor the wishes of a loved one without doing harm to yourself.

To nurture unconditional love, practice open communication of the needs for both of you. Don’t get defensive; don’t let little annoyances override your love. Share the power in your relationship; give your feelings wholeheartedly without feeling the other “owes” you something in return.

Loving Your Cat Unconditionally

Cat on desk with woman and books

How do you relate this definition to your cat? Most important becomes knowing what your cat perceives as expressions of love and how he returns these signs. Study cat communication. Does he purr? Do you get gentle nudges with the head, or a slow blink? These are signs of his affection.

A raised tail signals he will welcome some petting. Stroke him gently; rub the parts of his body that give him most pleasure. These might include scratching his cheeks or near his tail. I had one cat who loved to have me rub slowly down his nose. You can discover your own cat’s favorite things.

Don’t Be Pushy With Attention

Let him approach you. Extend your hand and let him rub against it. Never try to force attention. Give it when he wants it. While you stroke your kitty, you can also be checking for mats or sore spots that might need attention.

Brushing a black cat

Brush him all over, gently, as you can keep the fur mat-free and the skin clean. You’ll reduce hair balls. A gentle brushing feels like an all-over massage and can become another way to bond. My cat sometimes seems quite puzzling. While he doesn’t really seem to care for brushing, he purrs the whole time I’m doing so. As the brushing is good for him and makes his own grooming job easier, I override some of his objections, especially because he just keeps purring. I feel he needs help with grooming.

Be Ready To Accept Responsibility

Your relationship with your cat creates enjoyment for both of you, but it also contains some aspects of responsibility. You don’t just fill the role of friend and playmate; you also must serve as the caregiver. While fulfilling this rule, you need to take your cat’s needs and wishes into consideration.

Cat playing with wand toy

For example, cats thrive on routine. Help kitty out here — establish regular times for feeding, and schedule in together moments for playing or perhaps training. Play staves off boredom. Teaching kitty something new stimulates that active brain. Interactive toys prove best because then you and kitty are playing together, and it strengthens that bond.

Carry On A Conversation

Do you talk to your kitty? If not, you should do so. Though the cat won’t understand your words (although you might find it surprising how much he grasps) he will understand that you interact with him. If he’s a talker, he may talk back. Try to imitate cat sounds. It’s also fun to teach kitty a word or two. By repetition, they can sometimes reproduce a close proximation.

Also, cats, who have their own share of emotions, can read yours very well. If you are out of sorts and speak crossly, the cat will recognize the tone and won’t find the interchange to their liking. Try to keep your mood a happy one when you interact with kitty.

Treats And Catnip

Grey cat with catnip plant

Give treats now and then. Don’t overdo it, but kitty will respond well to something he really finds tasty. My cat and I have found a great treat compromise. When I feed him, the wet food comes first, and he must eat most of it before getting dry food, which he loves.

I do not give him a full portion of the dry food. Then, when he is out and I want him to come in, I call his name and rattle the kibble container. He knows if he comes in, he’ll get a bit of that food that he really likes. I feel it’s a healthy way to give him a treat and also works as a method to get him inside.

Along with treats, if your cat likes catnip, offer it regularly. It gives kitty a happy high and can become a harmless added enjoyment. Besides, sometimes their antics are so silly after a dose of catnip, that you, too, get a treat of laughter.

The Vet Is Part Of Your Team

Schedule regular vet visits. This one may seem like “tough love” but in the long run it can do a lot toward keeping your cat healthy and thus more inclined to happiness. Also, the vet can find problems you didn’t even realize your kitty had. If your cat is happy and feels good, he will respond in a much more positive way.

I’m sharing a video with you here from Jackson Galaxy, the “cat daddy.” He always gives good information, and his suggestions in this video may give you ideas for new ways to help give back that unconditional love.

Returning your cat’s unconditional love isn’t about grand gestures; it’s in the everyday moments of understanding, patience, and respect. It’s in the way you care for, play with, and simply ‘be’ with your cat. It’s good to realize that the bond you share isn’t just about love; it’s a dialogue. And with each interaction, you’re telling your cat, in no uncertain terms, ‘I cherish you, just as you are.’

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