Do You Understand How To Bond With Your Cat?

Have you wanted to learn what to do to create a stronger bond with your fur baby? Whether your relationship is a new one or an old one, if you have a strong tie, the cat will be more likely to trust and rely on you. This post will give you suggestions on how to bond with a cat.

How Do You Go About It?

For starters, ask the cat. Learn what things she likes and doesn’t like. Does she like to be scratched in certain spots or petted a certain way? Does she enjoy playing with you? Do you brush her or give little kitty rub-downs?

What about favorite food or treats? Does your kitty like lap-sitting, or is she more aloof? Does she have favorite toys?

Old man loving cat

Also, know what she doesn’t like. Perhaps she only wants short petting sessions. If she doesn’t want attention, never force it on her. It won’t help the bonding.

Observe what kitty does all day, as such attention can help you learn what she likes to do.

Play Is So Important

Does she like you to roll a ball on the floor for her to chase? Do you think you could teach her to fetch?

Do you have some kind of toy on a wand, so kitty can have a pretend hunt? There are steps in the prey sequence. These consist of staring, stalking and chasing, pouncing, grabbing, and biting to kill.

Black cat playing with feather

See if you can lead kitty through this sequence. Though she will know it is you, she will also imagine the “hunt” as real, and this can help build your cat-person bond.

Treats And Food Good Influencers

Try a few different treats and find out what one she likes best. Special food that she loves also makes a good bonding enhancer. Once you know what she likes, you can use that treat as well to reward good behavior.

Safe Spaces To Hide And Hang Out

A fancy kitty cave might entice kitty, but a hidey-place doesn’t need to be so high-falutin’. Make a cozy get-away “cat motel room” in a cardboard box. An adequate doorway into the box and a dark interior with a cozy blanket for a bed might do just fine.

Of course, she might prefer to hide out under the bed. It’s dark and it’s hard for us humans to get to kitty, so she can have some privacy under there.

Black cat under bed

Do You Know How To Pet Your Cat?

Believe it or not, there’s a right and wrong way. Read this post to learn “petting rules.”

The bottom line: Does the cat enjoy your petting method? If she slinks out from under your hand, leaves the room, or seems irritated, perhaps you are petting the wrong way, or for too long a time.

Giving Attention And Affection Prove Important

Forget what you’ve heard about how independent and aloof cats are. Yes, they are independent, but once they accept you as a trustworthy friend, they will give you much love and affection.

It’s very important to spend quality time with your fur baby, and during that time give her your undivided attention. You will strengthen your bond in this way.

Talk to your cat. She will know you talk to her and even if she speaks no English, she will respond to your voice. It’s my belief that talking to your cat a lot will help her learn more of our words. Eventually, she may understand quite a bit of what you say.

Cat getting cheeks scratched

When my cats came to me and meowed a request that I couldn’t translate, I’d say, “Show me” and I’d get up, repeat the “show me,” and then follow the cat. I had some success with this ploy; I believed it helped us reach some understanding.

Help Kitty Keep Her Routine

Cats really believe in having a daily routine, and they want it to be consistently the same every day. Example: They want their meals at the same time every day. Set up a time for meals and then feed kitty every day at those same times.

A routine helps kitty know what to expect, and it also allows her to feel safe. She knows she can count on you.

Grooming And Massage Helpful

Most cats enjoy being brushed, and with some cats, brushing becomes necessary to keep knots and mats out of their fur. Do some kitty grooming on a regular basis. The brushing will make her bathing job easier.

What about a kitty massage? Gently explore her body at first to find out what spots she seems to enjoy having rubbed most. Then massage that area gently.

I’ve thought that a kitty might like a gentle but thorough neck massage.

cat loving having its neck rubbed

Think about this: Kitty is so small compared to us, and she actually looks up at us. I would think her neck could get a bit sore and those muscles must get tight, after looking up at us so much all day.

Some Cautions

First of all, be patient. Bonding with a cat can take a while, especially if the kitty has some behavioral problems or needs more help with socializing.

Know that typically, though your cat may become friendly with several people, it often turns out that the cat will become most attached to one particular person.

Don’t Raise Your Voice And Don’t Spank Or Swat Your Cat

A sharp “no” might get kitty’s attention and then you can distract her from whatever she’s doing. However, if you punish the cat, you erode the bond and the trust. Cats don’t understand punishment, as they have no idea that they have done anything wrong. Punishing the cat will only serve to alienate her and weaken the bond of trust. Don’t do it!

Don’t leave food out at all times. Feed the cat the proper amount for one meal and do the same every meal-time. Your cat needs to see you as the giver of food. It makes you very important to kitty, and can certainly help with the bonding process.

Get kitty spayed or neutered, as this small procedure will make the cat calmer and more able to focus on a good relationship with you.

How Can You Tell If Kitty Bonds With You?

Watch for these signs: Does she give you head bumps? It’s a way of greeting and of leaving her scent on you, basically saying, “You are mine now.”

Kneading you with her front paws, or “making biscuits,” as my mother always said. She shows her happiness and contentment in this way. My cats often practiced the kneading technique right before bedtime.

cat's nose and long whiskers

If she gives you slow blinks, feel loved — kitties say “I love you” in this way. Slow blink back at her. Also, if she brings you a critter she has captured and killed, feel honored — she’s sharing part of her bounty.

When my cats brought me such presents, I’d thank them profusely, wrap the offering in a paper towel, and when kitty no longer watched, I’d take it outside and find a suitable grave site.

Always say “good morning.” I used to say “good morning” to my Pogo cat, and he got so he’d answer me back with one loud meow, that undoubtedly was a kitty “good morning.”

Sing to her. Tell her how beautiful she is. She will get the idea, even if she doesn’t get the words. Hold her soft paw and stroke it. Maxine, my Siamese, slept next to me, and before we went to sleep, she’d put her little paw in my hand. So sweet!

Be original. Once you get to know your cat well, create your own special little rituals that you do together. She can become your favorite companion if you just develop your relationship. Your reward will be a strong bond and her unconditional love.

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