Do You Understand How Cats Improve Mental Health?

Yes, your cat can be of great help to you. Yes, there are health benefits from owning a cat. In this post, learn how cats improve mental health. Be glad you have one of those furry felines because he/she can help keep you healthy.

The cat has several ways in which he/she can be beneficial to your health. Basically, he can decrease our stress, offer companionship, give you the purr that heals, and serve as a therapy animal.

Great For Stress Relief

If you have a cat, you can relieve some of your stress just by having kitty around. Can you watch a cat at play and not find it amusing? Laughter is a good stress reliever, and if your kitty can make you laugh, she’s already helped you lighten up. That in itself can improve healing.

Man holding cat who is rubbing against face

Right now, my cat has discovered something that makes me smile. He sees where the refrigerator door opens. He reaches up to the door handle, but can’t quite figure out how to open it. He gets an “A” for trying, even though he can’t get in there (thank goodness!)

The Power Of The Purr

Consider this fact: A cat’s purr falls within the range of 20 to 140 Hz. This range can be medically therapeutic for humans with an illness. Not only will that purr lower stress, but it can also help labored breathing. The purr can lower blood pressure, help with handling infections, and can even help bone healing.

I have a double bed, so it has two pillows. My Carlos cat liked to sleep on the second pillow. Once settled, he’d knead the edge of his pillow or perhaps mine, and supply a symphony of purrs. He succeeded in lulling both of us to sleep in that way.

Black & white cat; purr mechanism shown

Carlos also used his purr to help with bone healing. I’d had a knee replacement, and when I came home from the hospital, I was using a walker. Carlos knew something was wrong.

They hooked me to an ice machine, and for a few days I had to stay in bed with a cold pack on my knee, hooked up to that ice machine. Carlos, when he realized I’d be staying in bed, crawled under the covers next to my bad knee and stretched out there.

Of course, he purred. He kept up his therapy work for three days and nights, coming out only at mealtime. After three days, he finally crawled out from under the covers and resumed his normal activities. I’m sure his attention must have helped.

Having A Cat Benefits Heart Health

Science has proven that owning a cat will benefit the heart. It can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack by up to 30%. Not only that: cats protect you better against heart disease than do dogs.

Since owning a cat reduces stress levels, it can also reduce the effect of cardiovascular disease. You’ll reduce the risk of various heart problems, including stroke, so your cat can help you live longer.

We’ll Have A Longer Life

Researchers in Edinburgh concluded that people who take care of cats lead longer lives. The cat purr, again, has several benefits. Scientists proved that the purr can not only help lower blood pressure, but it also will help improve blood circulation to the brain. It benefits the nervous system and stabilizes heart rhythm.

Cats Can Reduce Allergies

As we all know, some people have strong allergies to cats. So, how can we say that cats can reduce allergies?

If a child comes into regular contact with a cat at a very young age, before age three, the body, having been in contact with cat allergens, becomes immune. Therefore, raise a a baby with a cat. Perhaps that has been beneficial to me, as I got acquainted with cats from babyhood.

Companionship Of A High Order

I live alone, except for my cat. I do not get lonely. He gives me companionship, attention, and lots of cause for laughter. We learn each other’s routine, and find it comfortable to carry out our activities together.

My cat sleeps with me, which becomes most comforting. If I hear a strange sound at night, I just look at the cat. If he still sleeps peacefully, I know all is well. If the sound came from a source that needed investigation, the cat would wake immediately.

Tortoise cat viewing footprints

Givers Of Unconditional Love

Your cat attaches no conditions to his love of you. Once the cat trusts you, he will provide love unconditionally. Contrary to a myth that circulates now and then, cats do give a lot of affection.

What better way to bond with your cat than to invite him to your lap and pet and scratch him in all his favorite spots, while he purrs his song of love?

Cats Prove Easier To Care For

As compared to a dog, a cat requires less time and energy. Of course, the cat still needs attention from you. He still needs play interaction and adherence to his schedule. However, he will not take as much of your time as a dog will. and the two of you can still enjoy each other’s company.

Cats As Therapy Animals

Cats have found important places in schools, hospitals, and senior centers, where they can interact with the people there and bring happiness as well as stress and pain relief. They have proven to be highly effective in these settings.

Elderly woman holding black cat

Tests have shown the benefits of keeping a pet, and especially a cat. Your cat can help improve your mood and your overall attitude. If you have discovered the joy of sharing your home with a cat, then you can consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

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