Rascal Cat Vanishes Without a Trace

cat with glasses reading book
The Literate Cat


To my dismay, I just found a story that was supposed to go in my book about my cat, Carlos. For some reason, it got overlooked.

There’s an upside to this anecdote, however. Now you, my website readers, can be the first to read it. Here it is:

Cat? What Cat?

Cats have a philosophy about the rules you establish for them. Their belief is that they are required to follow your rules as long as you are present. If you are not around, it becomes their choice as to whether they obey your wishes or not. In your absence, they often find it convenient to have a lapse of memory.

How Carlos and I Reached a Compromise

When I lived in Bells Flats in Kodiak, my kitchen table resided next to the window, whichBlack cat and moon provided a view of my deck and my back yard. I argued at length with Carlos about that table. He wanted to sit on it so he could watch the world outside the window.

I finally reached a compromise with him. I allowed him to sit on one corner of the table, next to the window. He learned to be satisfied with that concession. Of course, he insisted on running catty-cornered across the table to get to his spot, but then he stayed there.

Changes Came with Gustavus Move

When I moved to Gustavus, I placed the kitchen table next to an inside wall with no window behind it. Nevertheless, Carlos felt he should still be allowed the privilege of table-sitting.

It took me a few months to make it clear to him that such behavior was no longer acceptable. Finally, he agreed to modify his behavior, with only an occasional slip-up, just to keep me on my toes.

A Walk in the Moonlight

For several months, he seemed to forget about the desirability of sitting on the table. He transferred his attention to other favorite spots, to my relief.Moonlight on winter snow outside house window

Then late one night I awoke to see bright moonlight outside my window, reflecting winter snow. The sky was clear and the full moon lit up the scene. I got out of bed and, without turning on a light, walked through the whole house, enjoying the views of bright landscape outside.

Where is the Cat?

I headed back to my bedroom. At the doorway, I said to myself, “Wait a minute! Where is Carlos? He was sleeping in the armchair in the living room.”

Black cat, seated
Seated in the center of the table, still as a china statue

I turned on the light so I could find him. There, in the exact center of the table sat my cat, as still as a china statue, staring at me with big unblinking yellow eyes. Caught in the act! I didn’t know whether to laugh or to scold him, so I just said, “Carlos!”

Cat? What cat? He disappeared in a flash.

He came so close to getting away with his misdemeanor. If I had not turned on the light I’d never have seen that rascally cat.

Cat and Story Both Disappeared

So there it is, published at last. Did you like the story? If you did, please leave me a comment or two. If you would like to read more about Carlos, click on his name to go to another post about him.

4 thoughts on “Rascal Cat Vanishes Without a Trace”

  1. Oh my goodness Fran, this story is hilarious!

    I’m sitting here laughing on behalf of Carlos. My feelings would be different if I had a pet being mischievous when I’m not looking.
    I like watching animated film where dogs and cats act out when their humans are not around. So Carlos was trying to please you by only sitting in his favorite spot when it would not disturb you. Then he still got to enjoy the spot at other times.

    You are a good story teller, I’m still smiling for Carlos.

    Please remember to encourage someone today!
    Vanna Pearl

    • He knew, Vanna, as soon as I turned on that light that he was in trouble! He suddenly “remembered” he wasn’t supposed to be up there. What a cat! I still miss him terribly! You should get one of my books about Carlos, as it is full of funny stories, plus a chapter he wrote himself. That was a fun one to do. It only costs $9.00…check it out…”Have you found your purrfect pet companion?” I am so glad you visited again. Will be watching for another return. Thanks, Vanna!

  2. I feel your pain. One of my cats believes the bed of my truck means that it is a cat bed. Naturally, she gets there by way of the hood, windshield and top of the cab; as is evidenced by the paw prints on the paint and window. One of these days, she’s not going to jump out when I start the truck and she’s going to have an unexpected trip.

    • Cats certainly do have minds of their own, and can come up with attitudes we may not agree with. They forget we cat detectives can often track them by their footprints…like the ones Carlos used to leave on the top of the stove when he visited it at night. Well, when the time comes, I do hope she enjoys her unexpected ride.


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