Lucinda Expains What Cats Can Teach Us About Life

Hello, two-legged readers! My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) has asked me to write this post for her, as I can better explain what cats can teach us about life. I am happy to share this information with you, to help you realize how many ways we can help you to live better.

The Curiosity Factor

Let’s start by talking about curiosity, since it’s something we cats are famous for. Our curiosity can sometimes get us in trouble, but it also gives us great opportunity to learn about the world. A cat doesn’t read books or go to school to gain this knowledge. A cat investigates!

We probably know more about your house than you do. We know where things have fallen behind something or the cupboard where our treats are stored. We could tell you about the mysterious items we find under the bed, if you could understand Cat. Too bad you can’t.

cat watching man writing
Curious Cat

We explore every nook and cranny that we can reach. You don’t seem to want us to spend time investigating your clothes closet or the room in the bathroom that holds all the strange pieces of equipment. CCL says they all deal with water — heating it; storing it; pumping it.

Nonetheless, we feel it’s important that we know what’s in this house, as it is our very important territory, and we must defend and protect it.

We have an adventurous side, and sometimes wonder if you two-leggeds do not. You don’t seem to spend much time investigating things. Perhaps you would increase your awareness of the world if you did more of that activity.

Making Sure To Get Enough Rest

We cats know that we need lots of rest so we can stay healthy and strong. This wonderful pastime prepares us for activities such as hunting and vigorous play. It all started before we moved in with you two-leggeds, when we needed our sleep and energy-rebuilding so we could feed ourselves.

Tiger cat sleeping in barbecuer

Now you feed us, but we still value our nap-time a great deal. We find so many perfect spots for taking a little cat-nap. You two-leggeds should nap more, as well. I find it hard to believe that you can go for so long without some shut-eye. It’s very important to get plenty of sleep.

Perhaps if you slept more you would stay in a better mood. Often you seem a bit grouchy, and I believe it’s because you need more naps. Try it — you might like it. You might also find that sleeping more keeps you healthier. It also gives you more energy and makes you less cross.

Good Grooming Is A Must

Our obsession with grooming began when we lived on our own. Though we were often predators, we could also become prey, as many creatures larger than us wanted to eat us. Therefore, we washed often so that our scent did not give us away.

Now, we continue the habit, as we’ve found it nice to be clean and to smell good. We are quite proud of our fur coats and like to keep them in tip-top shape. You two-leggeds don’t need to spend so much time grooming as you can take off your clothes and wear something clean.

Tiger cat lying on dishwasher door
One way to wash a cat

Also, you two-leggeds do not wash by licking yourselves with your tongue. Instead, you stand under a strong spray of water and get clean that way. I’m very glad we cats don’t have to wash by such a method!

Some of you clean yourselves often under that water, and that’s a good thing. However, as you are not worried about larger predators eating you, at times you don’t bathe often enough. We can tell, as we have an excellent sense of smell, and we can tell when you are not clean.

Live In The Moment

You can find pleasure in life when you focus on the present and live each day as it comes. I’ve noticed that you two-leggeds can get so wrapped up in your plans for the future that you forget that the present holds the only moment we have for sure.

spotted kitten; caption on what he can teach

Dwelling in the past or the future does not serve you well. Yes, you can think about these things, but to get the most from life, be present, here, now. Feel the day; celebrate or mourn its happenings; make forward movement now, while you remain aware of exactly where you are.

Unless we are sleeping, we cats are focused on what happens around us. Our power rests in the present moment, so to take full advantage, we need to pay attention. If we want to daydream, we take a nap. When awake, we take care of all that needs doing right now.

Enjoy The Simple Pleasures Of Life

If you have noticed, we find our pleasures in the day-to-day happenings in our lives. We love to play, and will find much enjoyment in a small toy or a stuffed mouse on a string. We can use our imaginations to turn our play-pleasure into anything we wish.

A feather wand? Our imagination might see a bird or one of those silly chickens, and we chase after it with glee. An empty box? It could become a secret hiding-place known only to us. A ball or a little plastic spring? Throw it for us and we might chase it with exuberance.

Black cat playing with feather

Combining play with life-in-the-moment creates a powerful way to celebrate being alive. We love the simple things, and can use them to make something awesome from what we have at hand. We want for nothing because we find something wonderful in our daily existence.

Two-leggeds sometimes seem to find pleasure in simple things, but now and then it seems like they wish for something they do not have. They stress and agonize because they can’t find a way to get the desired object. Why not show satisfaction for what you already have?

I believe your word for that is gratitude.

Do You Practice Yoga?

From my observations, I believe that if you are one of those who practices yoga, you may have found a most valuable tool for keeping your body fit and flexible. We believe such activity holds great benefits for your overall health.

Orange cat stretching

We practice our own style of yoga. For example, we have a few stretches we perform regularly that could fit the description. We believe that stretching the body, front, back, and middle, works out kinks and allows us to utilize our physical abilities to the utmost.

Stretching keeps us strong and limber, so we can climb, jump, or chase something. We feel we can stay in tip-top shape by using such techniques.

We Believe In Cattitude

We cats feel it important to know ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses. You two-leggeds say we are aloof and independent. We are not aloof; simply cautious. Once we know and trust you, we might come to love you, even though we do value our independence.

Tiger cat lying on bookcase
Self-assured cat

We do have cattitude. We believe in ourselves and our abilities. We think this self-belief is very important, and like to see that same sort of assurance in you two-leggeds. We know what we can do and what we can’t, and we try to put our best paw forward. We hope you will do the same.

Read our references and you will find other suggestions of what we might teach you. When you study the whole list, you might find it surprising that we teach you so many things. Though we can’t talk your language, we can demonstrate by example.

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