Lucinda And CCL Explore The Challenge Of Being A Cat Writer

Hello, my readers — In this post, your CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) will collaborate with Lucinda to discuss the challenge of being a cat writer. As you know, Lucinda writes some of the posts for this website. First, here’s a quick review of how she learned this skill.

CCL: Lucinda was hired by me, the CCL, to write book reviews and posts from the viewpoint of the cat. She does a fine job. How she learned to read furnishes interesting insight. She met Carlos, the next-to-last cat-in-residence here. Carlos took Lucinda to my Memory Library while I slept.

cat seated at computer, writing

LUCINDA: “He taught me that we could hear the words in the Memory Library, and I then found that if I ran my paw under written words in a book, they formed into images in my head and I could then hear the story. CCL got me special glasses that helped me to see the squiggles you call words much better.

I try my best to type out the squiggles that form my story words, but my spelling is very bad. In fact, without CCL’S help, I could not do this job. She has to figure out what I’ve typed and then make the necessary corrections, sometimes a hard task.”

The Collaboration Mindset

CCL: The difficulty here stems from the fact that cats do not have owners, but rather, have staff. Yet here I am, offering Lucinda a job. It took a bit of persuading to get her to accept my offer, and she didn’t do it without making her own requirements.

I had to let Lucinda write the summaries as she wished, and not as the way I suggested. She said she would only write book reviews about animal books, because she could understand them. We finally agreed to terms, mainly hers.

LUCINDA: Well, after all, she hired me. The job requirements must be satisfactory, or I simply would refuse the offer.

I liked that word, “collaboration.” I had to look that one up in the Memory Library. I’ll probably forget how to spell it, but will remember what it means. It’s a nice way to say we’ll agree to work together peacefully. I will try to use that word again in another post.

The Need For A Title

CCL: The name of the website defines Lucinda’s title. After all, “The Literate Cat” certainly provides an important distinction. Lucinda IS the literate cat.

cat using computer and mouse

LUCINDA: I am actually rather proud to have a website dedicated to me. I am pleased with the amount of time my CCL spends writing about cats for our site. It”s important to teach people about us.

The Significance Of Food

CCL: It’s well that I recognize how much influence food can have on a cat’s behavior. If I pay Lucinda in edible tender, she cooperates well with her writing. Food seems to help with focus.

LUCINDA: You learned a secret worth knowing, CCL. It could be said that you two-leggeds can exert the greatest influence over us if you feed us healthy food that represents what we like to eat.

Speaking Of Focus…

CCL: Ah, yes, the importance of focus! This skill becomes evident when we watch a cat while hunting. The cat can remain focused on the prey to the exclusion of all else. Having already learned this skill, Lucinda can focus well when she finally decides to write.

LUCINDA: Oh, yes we have learned to focus well. We also have another admirable quality that helps with our writing. We are persistent. We will keep at a task until we complete it.

What About Nap-Time?

kitten sleeping on computer

CCL: As we all know, cats spend a lot of their day napping. Should Lucinda be found writing during a normal nap-time, she often stops and takes a break. After her nap, she returns to her task. As the napping is part of her routine, it’s important to let her take one if she needs it.

LUCINDA: Oh, yes, naptimes are important. Often when I’m writing, if I need a nap, I’ll just stretch out on the computer keyboard, as it is nice and warm. CCL does not like me to nap there, though, and if she catches me, she’ll make me move.

She has, however, provided a comfortable bed close to the computer, just for my nap use.

Does Lucinda Ever Get Writer’s Block?

CCL: Oh, yes, I believe she does. At times when she’s trying to write, she will just sit on her high stool in front of the computer and utter short meows or mutter cat obscenities softly. Then I know it’s time for a diversion. I dig in the desk drawer for a package of treats.

cat with intense look

I give her two or three kitty treats, and while she eats them, she’s totally focused on them and has momentarily forgotten her writing task. After treats, she can go back to her job, refreshed.

LUCINDA: Oh, yes. I do get stressed and blocked from my task. After all, it is not natural for a cat to write, so I have to remember that and take my frustration in stride. After a treat, I can look at my project in a more relaxed state, and often see my answer right in front of me.

What Is The Best Time For A Cat To Write?

CCL: Lucinda’s writing times are set for an hour or two before meal-time. If we wait until after she eats, it doesn’t work well because then she wants to nap and let her food digest. It’s important to keep cat habits and her daily routine in mind.

She knows — If I suggest an inappropriate time, she simply refuses to focus on the task.

LUCINDA: It is good that CCL remembers that I’m a cat, after all. This writing is not something we normally include in our daily activities. “Catness” comes first, and the writing must be added as a secondary activity.

cat staring at comuter screen

I am so glad that CCL has patience with me. I do adore being exceptional, so will do my best to please her. I hope you, my two-legged readers, enjoy my writing attempts.

CCL: I’ve received many positive comments about your posts, Lucinda, so I’m sure your efforts bring pleasure to our readers. We hope you keep writing for a long time.

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  1. Would Lucinda consider, reviewing one of my four cozy cat mysteries? Black Cat’s Legacy, Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, Black Cat and the Accidental Angel, and the latest, Black Cat and the secret in Deweys’ Diary. As Black Cat narrates part of the adventure, I think he and Lucinda would have a good time reading and reviewing the books.


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