During the Holidays Your Cat is a Blessing

If you are living in the United States, you are most likely heavily into our holiday season, with Thanksgiving just days away.

If you have a cat who is part of the family, you will benefit from his assistance during the holiday season.  Though this kitty aid may not always be appreciated as it should, let’s at least acknowledge that the cat had good intentions.  I must admit that I stole this idea from Meowingtons.com, though I used different images, changed the wording, and added some thoughts of my own.  Anyway, I do thank them for the idea.

Here are ten reasons why you should be pleased to have a cat at Thanksgiving:

1.  They tolerate some people’s insistence on dressing them in cat in turkey costumeoutrageous


For example, why not dress the cat up like a turkey? The cat tolerates it, just to please you, but if you will note the expression on the face of the cat in the picture, I think you will agree that he doesn’t really care for his costume.


2.  They purr so sweetly!man holding kitty in arms

Not only does the purr have a gentle, soothing sound, but it also promotes healing.  Keep that cat purring!  I also learned that petting a cat’s soft fur will actually trigger the release of endorphins in our bodies.  I knew there was a reason I loved to touch that kitty.


3.  They are a great help in the kitchen.cooked turkey on table; cat looking

Kitty paw prints in the pie crust?  A form of pie decorating.  Turkey on the floor?  Who, me?  Why would I pull it off the counter?  I was trying to push it back up there, but it fell off anyway.

Kitties can also be very helpful in disposing of leftovers.


4.  They love to be hunters and providers.cat sneaking through grass

What?  You don’t like rodent meat?  The cat could bring you birds instead, but they are more his size than ours.  The cat is not too good at attacking a turkey.  My Carlos, though — he could bring me a rabbit.  That’s a little more like it!



5. They are quite good at sharing.cat at food bowl, pushing away another cat

You bake a pie.  The cat eats half of it, and then, so lovely,

throws it back up.  See?  He is willing to share.



6.  They love to welcome guests into your home, taking over the role of host and freeing you up for other tasks.

man in hat; cat sitting on his head

As a host, your cat can perform his best work welcoming guests and giving them a little affection and



7.  They believe in the simple life.

Nothing fancy or fabulous needed to entertain your cat.  Just find grey cat in bag, looking uphim a small bag or box and let him play.  The cat will try his best to fit into that container, no matter the size.  As the animal plays, he will

cause you laughter, and that is a good thing.



8.  They will teach us to do our best at all times.Top Cat band

Anything that encourages you to excel is good training.  You will have to stay on top of things to stay a few steps ahead of your clever, mischievous kitty.




9.  Their expressive little faces are enough to make you smile.cat yowling

Those faces are fun to watch, unless the cat gets really mad at you and starts yelling.  Then, perhaps, you should leave the room.



10.  Best of all, they provide you with unconditional love.

That kitty love is a treasure, and such loveKitty sprawled in owner's lap from your cat can sustain you through many a trial and tribulation.  Your Cantankerous Cat Lady speaks from experience here.

Since it is our season for gratitude, there is no better time for you to be appreciative of your kitty.  Your life will surely be enriched by that sweet four-legged’s presence.    


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