Welcome To Lucinda’s Online Shopping Bazaar

Hello, two-legged readers! It’s Lucinda, the literate cat. I am starting something new today. I’m calling it “Lucinda’s Online Shopping Bazaar,” and it will be a feature of my website every Wednesday until Christmas. Tacky, right? However, might as well tell it like it is. My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) says that if we want … Read more

Cats In The Movies

Felix the Cat

What is your favorite movie that stars a cat? These days, it is not unusual to see cats in the movies. Sometimes they are the star of the show. So, how did they get their start? Actually, the very first cat star was featured in an animated movie. Remember Felix the cat? First conceived by … Read more

Great Gifts For Cat Lovers

Red gift box; cat inside

I love researching and writing about cats.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in forwarding valuable information to you that I forget I’m supposed to be an affiliate marketer.  As such, I’m supposed to offer you great gifts for cat lovers. Therefore, in this post, to make up for my own negligence, I am reviewing … Read more

What Is The Symbolism Of A Black Cat?

fuzzy black cat face

Black cats are a tradition in my family. Though I have shared my household with a variety of cats of different colors, most often I’ve had a black cat.  I became curious — What is the symbolism of a black cat? Black cats are not a specific breed.  Rather, they have genetically produced black fur … Read more

Cats And Yoga: The Latest Fitness Trend

poster of cats in many yoga poses

If you have been visiting my website regularly, you will know that Lucinda and I just finished a review of The Dalai Lama’s Cat, a three-book series about HHC, His Holiness’s Cat. When surfing the web to find a new subject for a post, I came across some articles about cats and yoga: the latest … Read more

The Benefits Of Journaling For Stress Management

drawing of blank book, flowers

Journaling involves the practice of keeping a journal or diary in which to explore the thoughts and feelings associated with the events of your life. You can use several methods. Journaling for stress management or self-exploration works best when you do it consistently. However, even occasional journaling can give stress relief when you focus on … Read more